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What you need to know about new changes to the EU’s product EPD regulations

Thursday, February 22, 14:00 pm (CET)








Your hosts

Christian Donath

MD, ECO Platform

Panu Pasanen

CEO, One Click LCA

Abigail Mela

Sustainability Comms, One Click LCA

Make sense of Construction Product Regulation (CPR), Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), and Declaration of Performance (DoP) with ECO Platform MD Christian Donath and One Click LCA CEO Panu Pasanen. Join them for a sweeping survey of the latest changes to the EU’s product EPD regulations. The conversation will tackle CPR, EPBD, DoP, and more — investigating how these changes can be tackled in practice.


Questions covered in the conversation will include:

1. What are the latest changes for building regulations at the EU level?

2. What is the role of product data in sustainable design, and how is it used?

3. What are the changes for construction product regulations at the EU level?

4. Who do the changes affect and when must they be adopted?

5. What does this mean for sustainability data?

6. How can these changes be tackled in practise?

Attend this livestream event to join a live Q&A to directly ask Christian Donath and Panu Pasanen your questions about EPBD, EU Taxonomy, CPR, DoP, LCA, and EPDs.


About ECO Platform: ECO Platform is an organization dedicated to promoting sustainable building practices by providing reliable product data for life-cycle assessments (LCA).

About One Click LCA: One Click LCA is the world’s leading LCA and EPD software for the construction and manufacturing sector, with a 20-year track record in the industry.