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Interested in other tools and add-ons?

There is currently no available trial for One Click LCA for Building Projects add-ons, One Click LCA for Products, One Click LCA GHG reporting. However, you can request a demo with our experts to see these tools in action.

One Click LCA for Buildings

BIM & BEM Integration, Life Cycle Costing, Carbon Designer, Building Circularity, Site Designer

One Click LCA Product Carbon & EPD Generator

Pre-verified EPD Generator, EPD Generator, Product Carbon tool

One Click LCA for Corporate & Portfolio

GHG Reporting tool, One Click LCA for Portfolio

What’s included in the 14-day free trial?

Local regulation compliance toolsGLA's London Plan, RE2020, DGNB, YM-menetelmä, MB3, NollCO2, Klimatdeklaration, NS 3720, Bæredygtighedsklassen, HQE, Graue energie, MilieuPrestatie GebouwenXXX
Certification compliance toolsBREEAM, LEED, Level(s), Green Star, CEEQUAL, Envision, PAS 2080, more supported certifications hereXAvailable as add-onAvailable as add-on
In-app workflowTailored to compliance/certification application. See how it works here.XXX
Environmental impact indicatorsCustomised per compliance toolCustomised per compliance toolCustomised per compliance tool
Life-cycle stagesCustomised per compliance toolCustomised per compliance toolCustomised per compliance tool
Compliant result reportsReports are available in web-based & Excel format, including automatically generated data sources listing. Download results in specified formats for compliance & certification, for e.g. BREEAM, E+C-, GLA.XX
Create, copy & edit design alternativesSee how it works here.XXX
Compare alternative designs with detailed charts & tablesXXX
Track results from pre-design to as-builtXXX
Lock & hide designsXXX
Carbon Heroes BenchmarkBenchmark with peer projects. See how it works here.XXX
Create portfolio dataCreate and visual design portfolios or operating portfolions. See how it works here.X
Input, edit data in a web interfaceReplace calculation data easily. Split assemblies to constituent parts. Lock datapoints to prevent overriding with imports.XXX
Reuse favourite materialsSee how it works here.XYou need to create a company account to use this featureXX
Copy data from other projects & design alternativesIncluding your own ones and projects shared with you. Compare and copy data from other designs (reporting periods)XXX
Group materials to create construction assembliesSee how it works here.XXX
Import data from ExcelUsing a pre-defined template.XAvailable in US trials. For other countries, you can request a demo to test out the integrations.XX
Import data from BIM or energy models IFC, gbXML, Revit, IES, Tekla Structural Designer, IDA ICE, Sketchup, Archicad, Solibri, DesignBuilder, SimpleBIM, Bentley AECOsim, AutocaseXXX
Smart, automatic mapping for imported dataOne Click LCA automatically learns your mapping preferences. It also offers pre-mapping and merging architectural and structural models.XXX
BIM Model CheckerReview quality of BIM model data you import. See how it works here.XXX
Advanced partial, incremental and user-managed data importsXXX
Trace back LCA data to the BIM or other data you have importedSee how it works here.XXX
BIM software bi-directional pluginsXX
Download, edit and re-import materials data in ExcelGet embodied carbon results to BIM model – bi-directional plugins. Available for Autodesk Revit, Rhino, Grasshopper and SimplebimAvailable in US trials. For other countries, you can request a demo to test out the integrations.X
“Send Me Data”Others can send data to you directly from BIM. You don’t need a BIM software license, they don’t need a One Click LCA license. See how it works here.X
Extensive generic database for materials, energy and processesIncluding periodically updated national and regional energy mix datasetsXXX
One Click LCA’s generic construction and system data librariesXXX
Extensive verified database of qualifying global & local EPDs All with uniform verification and homogenisation incl. biogenic carbonXXX
Local statutory databases for compliance toolsThis applies to E+C-, MPG/NMD, Klimatdeklaration and IMPACT modulesXXX
Data cardsConsistently displayed data key propertiesXXX
Download EPDs directly from the softwareXX
Request EPDs from manufacturers via One Click LCASee how it works here.XX
Send/receive private LCA dataTo/from One Click LCA users.XX
Create your own concrete mix designsXX
Create your own construction assembly librariesSee how it works here.XX
Import or input your private LCA data librariesXX
See product carbon intensity in different available unitsXXX
Basic material comparisonCompare individual products on a cradle to grave basis as part of design alternatives.XXX
Advanced material comparisonAd hoc material comparisons without having to create a range of designs. Compare any materials/products by their cradle to grave carbon impacts and costs. See how it works.XX
Green material benchmarkBenchmark products within the same class from the same country, regionally and globally. See how it works here.XX
Carbon impacts shown for each material broken down by life-cycle stageXXX
Set carbon price or social cost of carbonSet company-specific carbon price & social cost of carbon. See how it works here.XXX
Set transport & service life scenariosSee all LCA & LCC parameter setting here.XXX
Basic Materials Manufacturing LocalisationLocalisation based on the project location. See how it works here.XXX
Set End of Life scenarios for the whole projectXXX
LCA CheckerSee how it works here.XXX
Advanced Materials Manufacturing LocalisationLocalisation adjustable for each material. See how it works here.XX
See detailed calculation method for every rowSee how it works here.XX
Specify End of Life scenarios for each material or EPDSee how it works here.XX
Model preservation of an existing material in buildingDepending on the certification/compliance's scope of the assessment.XX
Summary and analysis chartsSummary charts: pie, bar, column, bubble charts & treemaps. Analysis charts: results by life-cycle stage and results by classificationXXX
Sidebar results for immediate feedbackXXX
Advanced graphsSankey, advanced treemaps, annualized, sunburst, stacked impacts for all impact categories by life-cycle stage.XX
Customise results & graphs using your custom classificationsX
Customer Support XXX
Help articles XXX
Training24/7 self onboarding24/7 self onboarding
Carbon Designer 3DXAvailable as add-onAvailable as add-on
Life Cycle CostingAvailable upon requestRequest a demo to test out the add-on.Available as add-onAvailable as add-on
Building CircularityAvailable as add-onAvailable as add-on
Site DesignerAvailable as add-onAvailable as add-on
Infrastructure Carbon & LCAAvailable upon requestRequest a demo to test out the add-on.Available as add-onAvailable as add-on
Interior Design Carbon toolAvailable as add-onAvailable as add-on
Custom APIAvailable as add-onAvailable as add-on

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in the free trial?
The 14-day free trial only includes our One Click LCA for Building. See the full feature list above to find out what’s included. Note, it is only our building LCA tool which is offered as a free trial. Our product and portfolio tools and our range of add-on features – such as Building Circularity Assessment, Carbon Designer, Life Cycle Costing – are not included in the trial, but you can request a demo of these tools. 
Can I get a free trial if I am a student?
As a student, you can request a free student license instead.
Can I get a free demonstration?
Yes, you can request a demo here.
Which life cycle stages does One Click LCA support?
One Click LCA supports calculations of all life cycle stages from Cradle to Grave as defined in EN 15978, including construction products and process in A1-A5, building use, maintenance, energy and water consumption in B1-B7, end-of-life impacts in C1-C4 and external impacts in module D. However, in most of our tools that are targeted for whole building LCA for different certifications and calculation schemes, the life cycle stages available are restricted to match the requirement of the scheme in question.
Who usually uses the software?
One Click LCA is used in more than 70 countries by green building professionals, including architects, builders, designers, structural engineers, environmental consultants, CSR specialists, and quantity surveyors, as well as construction product manufacturers and investors, governments and institutions.
Can One Click LCA help me attain certification credits?
One Click LCA can be used for and complies with BREEAM, LEED, DGNB, HQE and + 40 other certification schemes, standards and requirements.
Does One Click LCA integrate with other design tools?
One Click LCA integrates with Building Information Models in IFC2x3, IFC4, Revit, ArchiCAD and Tekla Structures formats. It integrates with all energy modeling software supporting gbXML format (including DesignBuilder and IES-VE). It also integrates with Microsoft Excel and other data formats. There is also a direct integration into IES-VE software. Read more here
Which databases are included in One Click LCA and which standards do they follow?
Find the list of current databases here. The system also contains EPD data that is not published under any of the above-mentioned databases. EPDs entered in One Click LCA database include detailed technical descriptions about building products and comply with EN15804 and/or ISO 14025 standards. All EU databases included comply with the EN 15804 standard and North-American databases comply with the ISO 14040/44 standard. For several European and world building material producers, One Click LCA has available manufacturer specific data, which allows for highly precise calculation results. For those who do not yet know which specific building product (manufacturer specific EPDs) they will use, One Click LCA has also country-specific average data (e.g. Ökobaudat and INIES). If One Click LCA is used in areas where there is not yet a comprehensive local building LCA database available, we have a local compensation methodology that allows us to localize the data to get results that match the local manufacturing conditions for a specific area.

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