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How to achieve whole-building LCA and EPD credits for LEED


3.5 hours




Other languages possible, subject to availability.

Who is this training for?

This course is designed for building specialists: architects, engineers, green building consultants etc

What you'll learn

✔ Understand how to achieve whole-building LCA and EPD related credits in all LEED schemes.

✔ Learn how to easily handle the life cycle assessment process.

✔ Gain a comprehensive breakdown of LEED related credits and learn how to leverage One Click LCA for various LEED schemes.

Content overview

  • Importance of embodied carbon and a breakdown of the LEED credits.
  • What are the requirements of LCA credits in LEED v4/ v4.1.
  • How to set baseline strategies in LEED v4 and v4.1.
  • Common strategies on how to reduce building LCA impacts.
  • EPD credits for LEED v4/ v4.1.
  • Live demonstration of the LEED LCA tool and explanation of the calculation workflow.

This training course includes


3.5 hours live training


Downloadable materials

Training materials are provided in English.
(Materials are provided for attendees’ personal use only. Their further distribution or use is prohibited.)

Training license access to One Click LCA software

Certificates of attendance

A recorded version of this training is available as a free, on-demand course at One Click LCA Academy

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