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Life Cycle Assessment with DesignBuilder

How to use One Click LCA® DesignBuilder integration

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One Click LCA – DesignBuilder

Using the One Click LCA® DesignBuilder integration

1. Prerequisites

Be sure you have the things listed bellow before starting:

  • Have a One Click LCA user account.
  • Have DesignBuilder 5.1. or higher version installed (upgrades are free from v5).
  • Have an existing project in the user account with a valid license. See Start kit.


No license yet?

2. For DesignBuilder 5.2. and higher: click on One Click LCA button inside DesignBuilder

Open your project in DesignBuilder. Look for the One Click LCA button in the right end of the toolbar and click it. You will be taken to the One Click LCA cloud service backend to continue the process.

Note that the process duration is commensurate to the complexity of the model. If you experience any problems, you can also export the model as gbXML and continue as per the steps below.

3. For DesignBuilder 5.1: use gbXML export capability

DesignBuilder supports gbXML export for the models from the 5.1./DSM version onwards. It can be downloaded from the DesignBuilder website.

Once you have exported the gbXML file, please follow the guidance to import gbXML file to One Click LCA. You can access it by opening the Customer Support via the Help button when logged in the software. 

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