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We review, verify, curate and integrate data from various public and private sources to the One Click LCA database for customer perusal.

All data undergoes a rigorous ten point verification using a process that has been reviewed by Building Research Establishment.

All data in the database is classified and structured, and offered to end users using a dynamic algorithm which ensures users will only be able to choose data in conformity with the data quality requirements of the target certification they are working with (for example, LEEDBREEAM or Energie Carbone).

If you are a manufacturer having EPDs not published as part of one of the programs listed below, you may send such data to support(at)bionova.fi.

List of databases (constantly updated):


  • Austria — Bau-EPD
  • Canada — FPInnovation and CSA Group
  • Czech Republic — CENIA
  • Denmark — EPD Denmark
  • Europe — Eco Platform
  • Finland — RTS EPD
  • France — INIES
  • Germany — IBU, Oekobaudat, and ift Rosenheim
  • Italy — EPD Italy
  • Netherlands — MRPI and NMD
  • Norway — EPD Norge
  • Poland — ITB
  • Portugal — DAPHabitat
  • Slovenia — ZAG
  • Spain — DAP cons, GBC Espana, and AENOR
  • Sweden — Environdec
  • Switzerland  — KBOB-Ökobilanzdaten
  • UK — BRE and IMPACT
  • US — NRMCAASTMNSFSCS Global Services, UL Environment, Earthsure, NREL, and Quartz

We can also license the Ecoinvent database. Can’t find your country or data on the list? No worries, we have tools that allow you to localize this data to get more accurate results. You can also send us any dataset you want to use, and we’ll get it incorporated.

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