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200,000+ data points: up-to-date, verified and localised

We review, verify, curate and integrate data from a huge range of public and private sources to the One Click LCA database in order to give you access to the largest database of environmental construction data in the world.

200,000+ data points and counting

Our team works around the clock to integrate all possible sources of environmental construction data in the world.

10-point verification

All data in our database undergoes a rigorous ten-point verification using a process that has been reviewed by Building Research Establishment (BRE).

Ready to use data

The data is classified, structured, and presented using a dynamic algorithm that ensures you won’t be swamped with data but will see just what you need for your target geography and certifications (for example, LEED, BREEAM, or Energie Carbone).

What data is available in One Click LCA?

One Click LCA integrates data from nearly all of the available EPD platforms around the globe (see the list below). The platform also contains EPD data that is not published under any of the listed databases.


  • EPDs entered in One Click LCA database include detailed technical descriptions about building products and comply with EN15804 and/or ISO 14025 standards. All EU databases included complying with the EN 15804 standard and North-American databases comply with the ISO 14040/44 standard.
  • For several European and world-building material producers, One Click LCA has available manufacturer-specific data, which allows for highly precise calculation results.
  • For those who do not yet know which specific building product (manufacturer-specific EPDs) they will use, One Click LCA has also country-specific average data (e.g. Ökobaudat and INIES).
  • If One Click LCA is used in areas where there is not yet a comprehensive local building LCA database available, we have a local compensation methodology that allows us to localise the data to get results that match the local manufacturing conditions for a specific area.

If you are a manufacturer and would like to be included but do not yet have any published EPDs, you can still send us the relevant data. Contact to find out more.






Tata Steel

Kiwa BCS

IERE Earthsure

UL Environment

Climate Earth

NAPA – National Asphalt Pavement Association


EPD Latin America

GBC Brasil







Indian construction materials DB

Standard for Building Carbon Emission Calculation – China (GBT)

Epsten Group

EPD Registracion (Mexico)

How to make the most of One Click LCA’s global database?

Watch this recorded webinar to learn what data is available in One Click LCA’s database, and get clear guidance on what data is best to use for each stage of your project.