Support EN/ISO standards and 40+ certifications 

One Click LCA can be used for and complies with BREEAM, LEED, DGNB, and + 40 other certification schemes, standards and requirements. Where a certification process is available, the certificate can be downloaded by clicking on the link as indicated.

Project types



EN/ISO Standards

Building & Infra LCA: EN 15978, ISO 21931-1 & ISO 21929-1


EPD Generator: EN 15804, EN 15804+A1, ISO 21930, EN 15942


Pre-verified EPD Generator: EN 15804+A2, ISO 14044

 Cementious products

 Plumbing products

 Wood & plan fiber based products

 Primary Steel and Aluminium and all Metal-Based Products

 Paints, Coatings, Sealants and Adhesives

 Asphalt, Aggregates & Stone products

 Bitumen Membranes


One Click LCA can fully support almost all Level(s) macro-objectives.

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Green Star

Supports Green Star Australia, New Zealand, South Africa.

Man-14 Life Cycle Costing – 1 credit


Support Envision v3 credits CR1.1, CR1.2, and RA1.1.

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Get up to 25 credits in BREEAM UK


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Get up to 21 credits in BREEAM SE


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Norway's National Schemes

France's National Schemes

Ireland's National Scheme

HOME PERFORMANCE INDEX (HPI) EN 10.0: Embodied impact of materials

Finland's National Schemes

  • RTS ympäristöluokitus: Y1.1 Elinkaaren hiilijalanjälki ja T1.1 Elinkaarikustannukset
  • Green Building Council Finland: Building Performance Metrics (Rakennusten elinkaarimittarit)
  • Ympäristöministeriön Rakennusten hiilijalanjäljen arviointimenetelmä

Denmark's National Scheme

  • Active House Specification

Living Building Challenges

Meet your Embodied Carbon Targets

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BREEAM International

Mat 01 – 100 % rating. Get up to 19+ credits with One Click LCA.


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Réduction carbone (E+C-) – référentiel du 1er juillet 2017


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High Speed Two (HS2)

Carbon footprinting and life cycle assessment, P06 LCA and P02 requirements

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Get up to 6 credits & 1 exemplary in BREEAM ES.


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Get up to 12 credits in BREEAM NL


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United Kingdom's National Schemes

  • RICS: Whole life carbon assessment for the built environment
  • Home Quality Mark
  • Upcoming London Plan
  • UK CIBSE TM 65 Embodied Carbon for Building Services

Germany's National Schemes

  • BNB
  • Umweltzeichen Hafencity
  • Nachhaltiger Wohnungsbau

Spain's National Schemes

VERDE Omega & Residential

Switzerland's National Schemes

  • Minergie-A und Minergie-ECO: Graue Energie und SIA Merkblatt 2032
  • SNBS Standard nachhaltiges Bauen Schweiz: 301.1 | Primärenergie nicht erneuerbar Erstellung, 302.1 | Treibhausgasemissionen Erstellung
  • SGNI

China's National Schemes

  • Green Building Label / Three Star, credit 1.2.11 Building carbon emission analysis
  • National Standard for Building Carbon Emission Calculation GB/T51366-2019

U.S's National Schemes

  • Green Globes for new construction: 3.5 MATERIALS AND RESOURCES Path A: Performance Path for Building Core and Shell
  • Parksmart
  • Minnesota B3 Guidelines – Available now


One Click LCA supports LEED v4, v4.1 and LEED v3 (2009).

Get up to 10 points.

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GRESB Real Estate Reference Guide

Supporting DMA1, DMA2.1, DMA2.2

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DGNB (Germany), ÖGNI (Austria), SGNI (Switzerland), DK-DGNB (Denmark), and DGNB International

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Supports HQE International, France. Evaluate up to 6 targets.

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PAS 2080


Meet your embodied carbon targets

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Get up to 14 credits in BREEAM NOR


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IMPACT compliant

IMPACT compliant. IMPACT equivalent.


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Netherland's National Schemes

Sweden's National Schemes

Austria's National Scheme


Australia's National Scheme


Canada's National Schemes

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