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Leveraging LCA to improve LEED and BREEAM projects

Leveraging LCA to improve LEED and BREEAM projects

Highlight: LCA, LEED, BREEAM

Did you know that besides helping to cut carbon, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is one of most cost efficient credits for your LEED and BREEAM projects?

What you can expect from the 1 hours webinar:

  • The Life-Cycle Assessment process and how to easily handle it
  • Breakdown of related BREEAM credits (Mat01, Man02, Ene04, etc.) and LEED credits (MRc1, MRc2, etc.)
  • How to use One Click LCA to achieve maximal BREEAM and LEED credits for your projects.

What’s next?

Your host

Panu Pasanen

CEO at One Click LCA

A building LCA expert with over 15 years of LCA experience. Besides working with certifications, he actively participates in LCA standardization worldwide.

What previous attendees said about our webinars?

That was a very informative presentation and webinar. Tara Tariq

Manager, Sustainability Monitoring & Reporting, See Nexus

The webinar was very helpful and had good, valuable information. Piotr Podhajny

LEED AP BD + C, DGNB Consultant and Engineer, Midtconsult

I enjoyed the webinar and did learn new information from the presentation. Bobby Rozier

LEED AP, Project Manager, MBP (McDonough Bolyard Peck)

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