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Take control of your structures’
embodied carbon

One Click LCA’s integrations with Trimble Tekla Software help you automate embodied carbon assessment and design low-carbon structures.

70% of a building’s embodied carbon comes from its structural elements

The carbon footprint of structures is coming under the spotlight.

Embodied carbon requirements for construction projects have been introduced in the UK, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Finland and Denmark, and many more.

With many of these regulations likely to soon include mandatory emission limits, structural experts are increasingly required to report on the embodied carbon of their projects. 

One Click LCA’s automated life cycle assessment (LCA) software helps users calculate the environmental impacts of construction projects.

It is fully integrated with Tekla Structures, Tekla Structural Designer, och Trimble Connect, enabling Trimble and Tekla users to incorporate embodied carbon assessments into their standard workflow.

Turn constructible BIM data into accurate embodied carbon results

One Click LCA’s Trimble and Tekla integrations allow users to import BIM models into One Click LCA to automate life cycle assessment and generate embodied carbon declarations.

Import BIM data

Import BIM models from Tekla Structural Designer, Tekla Structures or Trimble Connect.

Automate embodied carbon assessments

Automate embodied carbon calculations using One Click LCA’s extensive EPD database to see a breakdown of embodied carbon by structural element. 

Optimize design and generate impact reports

Use One Click LCA’s ecodesign tools to compare design options to optimize your design. Generate carbon declarations to meet local regulatory requirements.

Integrate the One Click LCA plugins with your workflow

Find out how to get the most out of One Click LCA’s integrations with Tekla Structures, Tekla Structural Designer, and Trimble Connect. 

Tekla Structures

Export material quantities from Tekla models to One Click LCA.

Works with Tekla Structures 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Tekla Structural Designer

Export material quantities from Tekla Structural Designer to One Click LCA.

Trimble Connect

Export material quantities from Trimble Connect to One Click LCA.

The plugin can be found in Tekla Warehouse or the One Click LCA customer support centre.

Read our guidance on One Click LCA and Trimble Connect  .


Free training sessions jointly hosted by Trimble and One Click LCA.

Norwegian climate declaration

Learn how to use BIM integration to prepare for the upcoming Norwegian climate declaration

New date: Thursday 24 March | Reserve your seat

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Ökobilanzierung (LCA) von Gebäuden

Nehmen Sie an unserem Kurs teil und erfahren Sie, was Ökobilanzierung für Gebäude sind und wie Sie Ökobilanzierungen mit BIM automatisieren können.

Thursday 17 March | Reserve your seat

One Click LCA’s integration with Trimble has helped us to obtain easy early-stage carbon assessments of each design option. The integration also simplifies the process of material quantity estimates after design changes with a high level of accuracy, meaning that we can maintain up-to-date quantity estimates and lifecycle information with little effort.
Ossi Kujala

Structural Designer, Sweco

Vanliga frågor

How do I get access to the One Click LCA Trimble and Tekla integrations?
The plugins are available from the Tekla Warehouse or the One Click LCA customer support centre.

The plug-in is also built into Tekla Structural Designer so you can access it directly from there, but you will need a One Click LCA licence to use it. do not need to get it. 

Contact sales@oneclicklca.com for a demo or quote.


What is the scope of the assessment?
One Click LCA supports calculations of all life cycle stages from cradle to grave as defined in EN 15978. Our building LCA tools are configured to offer the assessment scope required by the standards and regulations in your country.

The assessment scope available to you with your Trimble integration will depend upon the assessment scope required in your country.

For example in Sweden it is A1-A5, in Norway it is A1-A3 materials, A4 transport, B4-B5 replacement of materials, B6 operational energy, B8 operational transport, and C3-C4 end of life waste processing in accordance with the Norwegian standard NS 3720.

Which database is included?
The One Click LCA global database is the largest database of environmental construction data in the world.

Our building LCA tools are configured to provide access to the subset of data that is relevant for your location. For example in Germany, users can access the data needed to comply with the DGNB certification.

The database that you can access with your Trimble integration will depend upon the database required in your country.

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