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How to measure, optimize and market the sustainability performance of a product


3.5 hours

Starting at €720

Beginner / Intermediate


Other languages available, but subject to availability.

Who is this training for?

This course is designed for product manufacturers or consultants offering services to manufacturers.

What you'll learn

✔ Designed primarily for product manufacturers or consultants who provide consultancy services to manufacturers.

✔ Learn why performing carbon product assessments and publishing the impact of materials is rapidly growing and even becoming mandatory for a range of applications.

✔ Understand how One Click LCA EPD tools can help you perform such assessments faster and more cost efficiently.

✔ Learn how to easily benchmark your product’s sustainability performance against all manufacturers globally and help communicate and leverage your sustainability work.

Content Overview

  • Introduction to carbon footprint and EPDs; understanding what they are, why they are necessary and what standards need to be followed
  • How can EPDs be used in the most efficient way and bring benefits to the business.
  • Understand how to make the most out of the One Click LCA tools in order to create and publish EPDs in a faster and simpler way
  • How to easily benchmark your product’s sustainability performance in a global level using the most extended building product database globally
  • How to communicate the sustainability advantage of your products, including presentation of case studies from well-known manufacturers
  • Understand current possibilities for further customizing One Click LCA products to your needs and discuss the potential of creating custom applications specifically for your company

This training course includes


3.5 hour live training

The training can be delivered online or onsite (for onsite training, additional traveling costs apply)

Downloadable materials

Training materials are provided in English for the attendees’ personal use only. Their further distribution or use is prohibited.

Training license access to One Click LCA software

Certificates of attendance

Available upon request, at extra cost

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