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How to get started — Video Guides

Check out our One Click LCA User Guide playlist: a series of videos that explains how to use the software to calculate Life-Cycle Assessment and other environmental impacts.

Watch this introductory 1 minute video to learn how One Click LCA makes Life Cycle Assessment easy, fast, and cost-effective.

Watch our User Guide video on how to create your user account and start calculations.

Duration of the video: 15 minutes. 

In this video you will learn:

  • How to create your user account for One Click LCA.
  • How to start with your first project
  • How to create your first design
  • How to select the indicators you want to work with
  • How to import your data
  • How to compare different designs and materials

Automated LCA with Revit

Duration of the video: 6 minutes. 

In this video you will learn:

  • How to leverage our Revit plugin
  • How to import data from your Revit model in One Click LCA
  • How to calculate a full Life Cycle Assessment for your building
  • More User Guide videos coming soon!

Automated Life Cycle Costing from BIM

Watch this 5 minute video guide to learn how to get automated Life Cycle Costing results by importing your BIM model into One Click LCA.

How to find materials in One Click LCA

Watch this 2 minute video guide on how to find the right products in the One Click LCA database.

IES and One Click LCA integration for enhanced building sustainability

Watch this 3-minute video guide on the integration between IES and One Click LCA.