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How to get started with One Click LCA

Welcome Pack & Starter Kit for new users

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Are you ready to revolutionize Life Cycle Assessment? Welcome on board, we have a user guide at your disposal to start working with One Click LCA.

Watch the training video to learn how to get started with One Click LCA:

1. Register your user account

Each user has to register at One Click LCA registration page. To activate your account, click the activation link that has been sent to your email after filling in the registration form.

  • Do not share credentials, user accounts are personal.
  • Creating an account requires a working email address.
  • Please check your Spam folder if you haven’t received the email.
  • If you don’t receive the email and it’s not in your spam folder you can contact support@oneclicklca.com

Registering your free user account takes only 1 minute and it’s the first necessary step to start using the software. If you have already registered an account skip to How to login.

2. How to login

  1. Users can log in to their account by following this link.
  2. You can also find a link to the login at the top right corner of One Click LCA website.
  3. Your login details are your email address and the password you chose upon registration.
  4. If you have forgotten your password, you can get a new one sent to your email by clicking “Forgot your password”.

3. Set up basic account settings

To get started there will be a few guided steps to set up your account settings

  1. Possibility to send another email or check your email address in case you did not receive the confirmation email
  2. Unit system and language settings

4. Create your first calculation project

Choose the type of project you wish to create from a list and fill in the set up information for it. If you are not sure of all the information you can always change it later.

Trials are only available for buildings.

5. Link your project to a license. Choose one option: 

a) Activate your trial

To start your trial choose “Start a free trial” and choose a trial tool that you wish to test. This will activate the 14 days trial.

If you wish to test something else, please contact us here or send an email request to sales@oneclicklca.com.

Find guidance how to get started with your trial project calculations here.

b) Link project to your existing subscription licence

Once your licence has been paid we link the main user account to the licence (if known) and you should be able to choose the licence from the project main page. If you have not yet defined the main user account please register a user account and give us a notification of the user name or registered email address at support@oneclicklca.com

If you wish to link your project to an existing project, you can do that from ‘More actions’ and ‘Modify’. At the bottom of the page you can link your license(s) to your project.

If your license includes project limited certification add-on, please make sure to link your main license (Starter, Business or Expert) och your add-on licenses both to the project.

If you need to start with your project immediately and you need your license to be activated before we have received the payment, please forward the copy of your payment to support@oneclicklca.com and we can activate your license.

If you have any other questions please contact support@oneclicklca.com.

c) Activate license for your course work

If you are participating to a course the educational licence can be activated by giving a licence code. If you do not have a code, please contact to your teacher.

If you are a student but you are not participating to a course, please request for a student licence:

→ To request for student license, click here.

→ To request for free educational license (for coursework), click here.

d) Purchase a license

→ To buy a license and access advanced calculation tools, please follow the guidance here.

→ To request for research license, contact us here.

6. Get started with calculations

  • • Once you have created your project and linked your license to it, the project screen will show a Get started-button or designs.

  • Click it to create your first calculation set. You can create new designs by clicking green ‘+ Add a design’ — button, and copy, lock, or delete them by clicking on the design name.

  • Fill in your data to the question forms
  • If you have any questions how to use the software, please click on the green ‘? Instructions’ button next to your tool or have a look to our premium customer support page from ‘Help’ -> ‘Customer Support Center’, if your question didn’t find an answer, please contact us at support@oneclicklca.com.

One Click LCA Starter kit

7. Schedule your training (Business and Expert/Enterprise license)

To schedule your training, please choose a suitable time here to directly book it.

You can also propose another time if none of the pre-planned ones match your schedule, for that please contact support@oneclicklca.com. Please note that training sessions are delivered via webinar during office hours of Finland, unless otherwise agreed upon, and need to be part of your order. Otherwise, charges apply.

Keep up to date with the latest features

The service is constantly updated. You are welcome to join our user group on LinkedIn to be informed of the new features available.

For an overview of the latest available developments, you may also join one of the free public webinars based on your area of interest.

You can also check our user video guides if you have any issues.

Questions or feedback? Please get in touch!

We are trying very hard to make LCA easy for you, and are always interested in learning how to do it better. If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, please write to support@oneclicklca.com.

We wish you a lot of success and are hoping to hear from you soon!

Choosing the right tool for the job means you’re halfway there. We’d love to hear your news from the road.

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