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One Click LCA Trial Guidance

Test One Click LCA for your projects

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Do you want to test One Click LCA before buying a subscription?

This guide will teach you how to request your trial and start using the software.

1. How to get your trial

Click the “Free trial” button which will enable you to sign up for the software and access our trials for building design calculation tools.

If you wish to test something else such as CSR-reporting or product EPD calculation tools please contact us here or send an email to hello@oneclicklca.com. Please let us know for which kind of project you would like to request a trial.

2. Register your user account

Follow our starter guide steps 1-3.

3. Create your trial project

Follow our starter guide step 4.

4. Activate your trial

To activate the trial press “Start a free trial” and choose which of the available trial tools you wish to test:

If you wish to test several tools or something else please contact our sales department: sales@oneclicklca.com.

5. Set up project basic information

When starting any project the tool will request you to give basic information about your analysis. The information is mandatory as it is essential for providing you result quality feedback and for reporting. All information can be changed later so if you are not sure yet, just give the answer that seems likely.

6. Get started with calculations

Watch a video on how to get started with the calculations:

7. Keep up to date with the latest features  

The service is constantly updated. You are welcome to join our user group on LinkedIn to be informed of the new features available. For an overview of the latest available developments, you may also join one of the free public webinars based on your area of interest. You can also check our user video guides if you have any issues.

Questions or feedback? Please get in touch!

We are trying very hard to make LCA easy for you, and are always interested in learning how to do it better. If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, please write to support@oneclicklca.com. We wish you a lot of success and are hoping to hear from you soon! Choosing the right tool for the job means you’re halfway there. We’d love to hear your news from the road.

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