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Support EN/ISO standards and 80+ certifications

One Click LCA can be used for and complies with BREEAM, LEED, DGNB, and over 80 other certification schemes, standards and requirements. Where a certification process is available, the certificate can be downloaded by clicking on the link as indicated.




EN/ISO Standarder

LCA för infrastruktur

FprEN 17472:2021 

Hållbarhetsvärdering av anläggningar

EN/ISO Standarder

LCA för byggnader

EN 15978, ISO 21931-1 & ISO 21929-1


Hållbarhet hos byggnadsverk


EN/ISO Standarder


EPD Generator: EN 15804, EN 15804+A1, ISO 21930, EN 15942


För-verifierad EPD-generator: EN 15804+A2, ISO 14044

 Wood & plan fiber based products

 Primary Steel and Aluminium and all Metal-Based Products

 Målarfärger och beläggningar

 Asphalt, Aggregates & Stone products

 Bitumen Membran

Products and Systems

  Ceramic, Clay,
Gypsum, Limestone and Porcelain based products

One Click LCA EPD tools: support ISO 14067*



*This requires using the software in line with EN 15804. ISO 14067 requires reporting separately fossil and biogenic carbon emissions, as well as land use change emissions. In addition, it requires reporting carbon storage separately.


One Click LCA can fully support almost all Level(s) macro-objectives.

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Green Star Australia

Credit 19A – Life cycle assessment, points available: 7

Green Star New Zealand

  • Innovation Challenge / Material Life Cycle Impacts, points available: 6
  • Innovation Challenge / Environmental Product Declarations, points available: 2

Home Star

Calculate whole life embodied greenhouse gas emissions.

Access manufacturer-specific EPDs and generic data.

Calculate quantity of reused material.

Green Star South Africa

Green Star Public & Education Building + Green Star SA adjustments to other African countries
Man-14 Life Cycle Costing, points available: 1


Support Envision v3 credits CR1.1, CR1.2, and RA1.1.

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Get up to 25 credits in BREEAM UK


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Ellen MacArthur Foundation

 Circularity Method

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Få upp till 21 BREEM SE poäng


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Norway's National Schemes

France's National Schemes

Ireland's National Scheme

HOME PERFORMANCE INDEX (HPI) EN 10.0: Embodied impact of materials

Finland's National Schemes

  • RTS ympäristöluokitus: Y1.1 Elinkaaren hiilijalanjälki ja T1.1 Elinkaarikustannukset
  • Green Building Council Finland: Building Performance Metrics (Rakennusten elinkaarimittarit)
  • Ympäristöministeriön Rakennusten hiilijalanjäljen arviointimenetelmä

BREEAM International

Mat 01 – 100 % rating. Get up to 19+ credits with One Click LCA.


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Réduction carbone (E+C-) – référentiel du 1er juillet 2017


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BREEAM Infrastructure (Formerly CEEQUAL)

High Speed Two (HS2)

Carbon footprinting and life cycle assessment, P06 LCA and P02 requirements

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Get up to 16 credits in BREEAM ES.


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Infrastructure Sustainability Council (Australia)

One Click LCA is approved against the Infrastructure Sustainability Materials Calculator (ISMC v2.0.10) and reduction credit (Mat-1 or Rso-6)



United Kingdom's National Schemes

  • RICS: Whole life carbon assessment for the built environment
  • Home Quality Mark
  • UK CIBSE TM 65 Embodied Carbon for Building Services
  • London plan requirements

German Schemes

  • BNB
  • DGNB
  • Umweltzeichen Hafencity
  • Nachhaltiger Wohnungsbau
  • Qualitätssiegel Nachhaltiges Gebäude (QNG)

Poland's National Schemes

  • Zielony Dom Certificate

Spain's National Schemes

  • VERDE Omega & Residential

Switzerland's National Schemes

  • SGNI – DGNB and SIA 2032 «Graue Energie von Gebäuden»

China's National Schemes

  • Green Building Label / Three Star, credit 1.2.11 Building carbon emission analysis
  • National Standard for Building Carbon Emission Calculation GB/T51366-2019

Singapore's National Schemes

US's National Schemes

  • Green Globes for new construction: 3.5 MATERIALS AND RESOURCES Path A: Performance Path for Building Core and Shell
  • Parksmart
  • Minnesota B3 Guidelines – Available now
  • Meet the SE 2050 Challenge

Denmark's National Scheme

  • Active House Specification


One Click LCA supports LEED v4, v4.1 and LEED v3 (2009).

Get up to 10 points.

(LEEDv4.1 CI,Life-Cycle Impacts Reduction credit has three options for compliance, and the third option is to perform an LCA)

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GRESB Real Estate Reference Guide

Supporting DMA1, DMA2.1, DMA2.2

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DGNB (Germany), ÖGNI (Austria), SGNI (Switzerland), DK-DGNB (Denmark), and DGNB International

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Supports HQE International, France. Evaluate up to 6 targets.

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PAS 2080


Meet your embodied carbon targets

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Get up to 14 credits in BREEAM NOR NC 2016


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IMPACT compliant

IMPACT compliant. IMPACT equivalent.


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Netherland's National Schemes

Calculate MPG with our NMD 3.0-compliant software


Sweden's National Schemes

Austria's National Scheme

  • ÖGNI

Australia's National Scheme



Canada's National Schemes

Living Building Challenges

Meet your Embodied Carbon Targets

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