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One Click LCA Summer School

Learn to deliver building LCAs & whole-life carbon studies for construction. Get highly sought after skills for landing a job


Total 20 hours, 2nd - 20th August

Free of charge

Language: English

Applications for the summer school have now closed

Thank you for your interest. All applicants will receive further details via email. 

Who is this training for?

This course is designed for students and fresh graduates who wish to gain an understanding of life-cycle assessment (LCA), as well as hands-on experience in performing LCA and carbon assessments.

Note: places are limited and we reserve the right to restrict places to students and recent graduates only.

What you'll learn

✔ Understand the impact of the construction sector on the environment, the need for building sustainability, and the regulations driving them.

✔ Learn about the core concepts of LCA, including building life-cycle stages, environmental impact assessment, and the data required for performing LCA with hands-on software training.

✔ How to automate LCA data imports from BIM, BEM, Revit, and other plugins using One Click LCA software.

✔ Overview of green building certifications and regulations around the globe and how to undertake specific certifications such as BREEAM, LEED and Energie Carbone. 

This training includes


Total 20 hours

Online sessions at 4 PM EEST 2nd-19th of August. The sessions last 90 minutes each with 30 minutes Q&A time. Module 4 is optional. 


Use-case exercises

Training materials are provided in English for the attendees’ personal use only. Their further distribution or use is prohibited.

Free training license

Free One Click LCA training license for the duration of the course.

Certificate of completion

Participants who pass the 40 question multiple choice exam (90% pass-rate requirement) will be eligible to receive the certificate.

Free of charge

Application deadline

Apply before 19th July 2021

About One Click LCA & your trainers

One Click LCA is the world-leading construction sector life-cycle assessment and carbon reduction platform. Our software helps designers, builders, manufacturers and investors to identify the most effective ways to decarbonise their construction projects, products and portfolios. It is used in more than 90 countries, includes the world’s largest construction sector database, integrates with over a dozen design tools and supports over 40 standards and certifications.

Steven Zijlstra

Customer success manager at One Click LCA. 

Lorélia Le Gouvello

(BEng, MSc, BREEAM Assessor, Bilan Carbone®Maîtrise)

Built Environment Engineer & Business Dev. Manager 

Graham Devlin

New Products Operations Coordinator at One Click LCA.

Johanna Järvinen


LCA, LCC, and embodied carbon expert/Business Dev. Manager at One Click LCA for UK & Ireland.


Content Overview

The summer school is made up of 4 modules consisting of several sessions covering key concepts of LCA:

  • Module 1 introduces you to construction sustainability, the business case for building sustainability, fundamentals of LCA, overview of EPDs, followed by One Click LCA hands-on software training
  • Module 2 covers measuring environmental impacts in theory and practice, calculating impacts from construction materials, reducing impacts in practical projects, performing LCA and optimizing LCA results using One Click LCA
  • Module 3 covers automation of LCA data import including an overview of different import methods and plugins. This is followed by a detailed review of green building certifications schemes and regulations and how One Click LCA can help in achieving them
  • Module 4 summarizes previous modules and includes sessions on how to undertake specific green building certifications such as BREEAM UK & GLA, BREEAM International & LEED and Energie Carbone & RE2020

Each session lasts 90 minutes with 30 minutes Q&A time. Module 4 is optional.

Module 2: Measuring impacts, construction materials and methods and optimization

Session 4 – Measuring construction impacts (05.08.2021)

  • Utilization of carbon footprint in construction projects
  • Reducing emissions in practical projects
  • Calculation of the environmental impact in practice
  • Homework assignment + Q&A

Session 5 – Overview of construction materials and methods (06.08.2021)

  • Overview of commonly used construction materials
  • Overview of commonly used construction methods 
  • Matching construction materials and methods with One Click LCA database
  • Homework assignment + Q&A

Session 6 – Exercise 1: Performing an assessment and optimizing results (09.08.2021)

  • Using the concept phase tool Carbon Designer
  • Calculating the impacts of construction materials
  • Interpreting the results and other important aspects
  • Optimizing project results

Module 4: (optional)

Session 11 (Optional): Why and how, BREEAM UK, RICS & GLA (16.08.2021)

Session 12 (Optional): Why and how, BREEAM International and LEED (17.08.2021)

Session 13 (Optional): Why and how, Energie Carbone and RE2020 (FR) (18.08.2021)

Session 14 (Optional): Why and how, Klimatdeklaration(SE), NS3720 (NO) and YM method (FI) (19.08.2021)

Module 1: Introduction to construction sustainability and One Click LCA

Session 1 – Introduction to construction sustainability (02.08.2021)

  • General Introduction to One Click LCA
  • Climate change and the environmental impact of construction
  • Legislation and standards related to environmental impacts around the world
  • Business case for building sustainability
  • Homework assignment + Q&A

Session 2 – Life-cycle assessment and data (03.08.2021)

  • Life-cycle stages and how to assess them
  • Impact indicators and assessment methods
  • Core building LCA (life-cycle assessment) concepts
  • Overview of EPDs, Program Operators and database structure
  • Homework assignment + Q&A

Session 3 – One Click LCA software training (04.08.2021)

  • Software training on using One Click LCA
  • Access will be given to the free training license
  • Homework assignment + Q&A

Module 3: Automating data import and certification overview

Session 7 – Boosting efficiency in calculations: Importing Bill of Materials from BIM/BEM and other sources (10.08.2021)

  • Overview of different import methods
  • Plugin showcase (Revit, IES-VE, Rhino, Grasshopper)
  • Example of Excel Import
  • Example of Revit Import
  • Exercise: Run your own Excel import
  • Homework assignment + Q&A

Session 8 – Detailed review of LCA credits and requirements in the most popular building certification schemes and regulations & how One Click LCA can help in each case. (11.08.2021)

  • Overview of leading green building certifications and regulations around the world (BREEAM, LEED & Others)
  • How One Click LCA can help comply with each one
  • Examples of calculating impacts for certification projects
  • Q&A

Session 9 – Recap (12.08.2021)

Session 10 – Exam (13.08.2021)