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Climate change standards

Developed by our climate change experts

Developing new standards to cope with Climate Change

We have been engaged as a technical expert for developing new CEN/CENELEC standards in the area of Climate Change Adaptation. This standardization effort pursues the European Union’s Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change and is done on a mandate from European Commission. One Click LCA Ltd is the retained technical expert for the priority sector Buildings and Construction.

The strategy acknowledges that irreversible climate change impacts will take place in the EU, and that cost of inaction is far higher than the cost of preparation. Hence EU aims to improve climate change resiliency of it’s infrastructures, and standardization is one of the tools used for this purpose. Standardization covers on three priority sectors: Energy Infrastructure, Transport infrastructure and Buildings/Construction.

Industry and stakeholder feedback is crucial for the assignment, and all interested stakeholders are invited to contribute by providing their views and feedback. The feedback is especially useful for what could or should be standardized to improve climate change resiliency in any of the above priority sectors, and which existing standards should be revised to achieve the same. In Buildings/Construction, such requirements can cover any level from districts to buildings to even construction products.

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