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Making EPDs accessible for all

One Click LCA launches the first pre-verified EPD generator supporting all latest standards

One Click LCA launches the first pre-verified EPD generator supporting all latest standards

One Click LCA Pre-verified EPD Generator is the first software to be pre-verified with EN 15804+A2:2019, the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) standard for construction products. The tool completed a third-party verification and was approved by the Building Information Foundation RTS. This makes EPDs more accessible to manufacturers and those using EPD data.

8 July 2020 – Helsinki, Finland 

One Click LCA announces the release of One Click LCA:s För-verifierade EPD-generator, a software tool that makes creating comprehensive Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for products easier, faster and more cost-effective. EPDs are required for carbon transparency, public procurement, and compliance with green building certifications, among others.

One Click LCA becomes the first generally available software to achieve pre-verified status with the new European Standard, EN 15804+A2:2019, considered to be the most demanding standard in the field. The tool was verified by an independent third party, and approved by the Building Information Foundation (RTS). The software supports the ISO 21930:2017 standard, and also generates data in line with the US TRACI environmental impact factors for global compliance.

One Click Pre-verified EPD Generator is designed for product manufacturers and others wishing to create EPDs without requiring expert knowledge. Its streamlined process dramatically reduces the amount of work involved, making EPD generation easier, more affordable and faster to produce.

 Comprehensive training and support is provided with the tool, meaning that LCA experience is not a pre-requisite to using it. It allows for a high degree of automation and provides a streamlined verification process. The tool can be used to publish EPDs with a pre-verified process in the RTS EPD program and Eco-Platform, and it supports other EPD programs. It also allows creating project specific EPDs, and to send data directly to designers, specifiers and builders working with One Click LCA.

“Our goal is to make EPDs accessible to all. Achieving this requires a new way of thinking and a new set of tools.”

Panu Pasanen, CEO of One Click LCA Ltd

One Click LCA Pre-Verified EPD Generator provides ready to use solutions for key construction product categories. The first categories to be supported are:

  • Cementbaserade produkter, covering ready-mix concrete, pre-cast concrete, concrete products and cementitious mortars and screeds (see certificate), and
  • VVS-produkter, covering plumbing products, equipment, components and systems (see certificate).

The following modules will become generally available in the coming months: Metal Products, Coating Products, Bricks and Ceramics, Bituminous Products and Insulation Products. The tool can also be extended to cover other modules, on request.

As the construction industry seeks more transparency over the cradle-to-grave climate impacts of products, this tool helps manufacturers to measure, report and improve the environmental impacts of their products. By doing so, manufacturers can differentiate themselves in a competitive market.

Panu Pasanen, CEO of One Click LCA Ltd, said: “Our goal is to make EPDs accessible to all. Achieving this requires a new way of thinking and a new set of tools. We are very proud to contribute to the decarbonisation of the construction products industry by allowing more manufacturers to demonstrate the carbon credentials of their products using One Click LCA Pre-Verified EPD Generator, and at the same time, serving the needs of our designer and builder clients who need this data for their decision making. By increasing the availability, quality and use of EPDs, the industry as a whole can make better choices.”


Panu Pasanen, Chief Executive Officer,
+358 442871 722, panu.pasanen@oneclicklca.com

Om One Click LCA

One Click LCA Ltd (formerly known as Bionova Ltd) is the developer of One Click LCA, the world-leading Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) generation software for the construction industry. A low carbon construction one-stop-shop, One Click LCA provides solutions for construction projects, products and portfolios. It is used to decarbonize building and infrastructure projects, to create EPDs and benchmark low-carbon products and to manage and create corporate or real estate portfolio greenhouse gas reports. It is used in more than 100 countries, includes the world’s largest construction sector database and supports over 50 standards and certifications.
For more information: www.oneclicklca.com.

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