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Zero carbon buildings with One Click LCA

Statsbygg has signed a five-year agreement for use of One Click LCA® to achieve their carbon reduction targets
Statsbygg, a Norwegian government property agency, has signed a five-year agreement with One Click LCA Ltd (formerly Bionova Ltd) for use of One Click LCA® to achieve their ambitious carbon reduction targets. The platform will be adapted to the Norwegian standards and will be available to others as well.

Statsbygg and One Click LCA Ltd have signed a five-year agreement that will enable carbon calculation, optimisation, and tracking with One Click LCA® for all Statsbygg projects, both in the planning and the construction phase. It was selected as the best on all the evaluation criteria: quality, delivery capability and long-term cost. The solution will be customized to Statsbygg’s requirements with experts from Civitas and Context. It will be available for purchase to other users as well.

One Click LCA® is a green building software that allows non-experts to calculate a carbon footprint or a life-cycle assessment (LCA) as well as life-cycle cost for buildings easily and reliably.

We share Statsbygg’s vision and goals for the need for effective carbon reduction in the built environment, and are honoured to help in putting their plans into practise”, says Panu Pasanen, CEO of One Click LCA Ltd. “Being retained by one of the world’s most climate-conscious constructors is also a conclusive proof of the quality and capability of our software.”

Statsbygg is committed to lowering the Norwegian Government’s climate footprint through our projects. We are very pleased to have found a professional and user-friendly software in the marketplace that could be easily adapted to meet our needs. We look forward to having an improved solution that will bring our current greenhouse gas calculations to the next level”, says Harald Nikolaisen, Director General at Statsbygg.

One Click LCA® is approved for BREEAM-NOR and already widely used in Norwegian commercial construction projects. It has ready-to-go plugins for popular software including ArchiCAD, Revit and Tekla, and for using data from IFC and Excel. It will support upcoming NS3720 standard and Norwegian language, making it more attractive for municipal and residential construction in Norway.

The software supports certification systems dozens of countries, including DGNB-DK in Denmark as latest. Soon also Minergie (Switzerland) and BREEAM-NL (Netherlands) users can enjoy One Click LCA®, which includes a comprehensive global database of Environmental Product Declarations.

Press contact:

Panu Pasanen, CEO, One Click LCA Ltd, panu.pasanen@oneclicklca.com, cell +358 44 2871 722

About One Click LCA: Finnish One Click LCA  Ltd is the developer of the One Click LCA® life-cycle performance software, supporting life-cycle assessment and costing, BREEAMLEED and national certifications. The software is used in over 40 countries.

About Statsbygg: Statsbygg is the Norwegian government’s property advisor, developer and constructor, and manages over 2200 buildings. Statsbygg aims for a climate-neutral property portfolio and for zero-emission construction. For more information please visit www.statsbygg.no.

Morten Dybesland, Department Director of Statsbygg and Panu Pasanen, CEO of One Click LCA Ltd sign the agreement
Statsbygg, One Click LCA Ltd and partners — project team ready for the kick off

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