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LEED v4 Case Study: Logistik Gavilanes

Read this Case Study on how to achieve Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment credits for LEED v4

Logistik Gavilanes

C / Dian Fossey 4-14, P. Industrial Los Gavilanes Getafe, Madrid, Spain

  • investerare: Logistik Forum Service, SL
  • Typ New construction (Warehouses and Distribution Centers)
  • Area: 39 519 m2
  • Certifikat LEED BD + C v4
  • One Click LCA Expert: Zero Consulting
  • One Click LCA för LCA

One Click LCA was used by Zero Consulting to obtain a Life-Cycle Assessment standardized report for their Logistik Gavilanes project. The full 3 + 1 exemplary credits were awarded by GBCI for the Building Life-Cycle Impact Reduction for this project that was the first LEED v4 Gold rated logistics project in the world.


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