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Large scale EPD publishing with One Click LCA

Generate EPDs at volume without compromising on quality 

Scale up EPD volume, not the costs

For either small or large volume of EPDs, One Click LCA EPD Generator solutions help you save time and costs with template-based EPD generator, automated quality checks, verification and publishing services.

However, if you produce and publish more than 20+ EPDs a year, the standard solutions might not be economically reasonable. Larger product portfolios need customised, high-efficiency solutions that help reducing cost, complexity and working time.

One Click LCA Solutions for large scale EPD publishing

Reduces variable costs per EPD by streamlining the EPD production and verification process for your product portfolios. One Click LCA solutions for large scale EPD publishing can be customised for different types of EPD based on your needs.

One Click LCA EPD Generator software

One Click LCA EPD Generator is an automated and affordable tool to develop robust Environmental Product Declarations, complying with ISO 14040, ISO 14044, ISO 14067 EN 15804+A1+A2 and ISO 21930 and ISO 14025. The software provides tailored template for your manufacturing industry. Transfer your bill of materials automatically into One Click LCA platform either using a file upload (i.e. Excel) or using an Application Programming Interface (API). Läs mer.

Verification & publishing services

One Click LCA organises the third-party verification and publication in a reputable EPD program on your behalf. Before verification, we screen the EPD for risk factors and return it for corrections if required, and otherwise, forward it to a qualified and approved third party EPD verifier. If the EPD is approved, it is published automatically for a lifetime validity which is five years at a fixed cost, without any extra charge for annual EPD maintenance.

Large scale publishing for any type of EPD you need

EPD verifierad av en oberoende tredje part

To reduce the third-party verification cost per EPD, we create standardized pre-verified EPD templates for your product and work with our most experienced third-party verifier partners. We work with the same third-party verifiers over time, to allow them to become experts in your products. 

Sister EPDs for variants

Sister EPDs are variants of third-party verified EPDs. They are more cost-efficient to publish because their quality inspection focuses on the differences between the already-verified original and the sister EPD. Sister EPDs require an original third-party verified EPD as their basis.

Internally-Verified Project EPDs

Project EPDs are non-published Sister EPDs that are internally verified by the publisher. They are not reviewed or published by EPD Hub, making them a very cost-efficient and fast way to produce EPDs at scale. Project EPDs require an original third-party verified EPD as their basis.

Powered by automation

Software-enabled EPD verification

EPD verification requires numerous checks, some of which can be supported by automation. One Click LCA provides a software-enabled verification capability, which speeds up the process. One Click LCA EPD Generator’s pre-verified status also means that numerous parameters are guaranteed by the software itself, and thus do not require an inspection for each EPD.

API- or file-driven EPD Generation

One Click LCA API allows different software to connect to One Click LCA and to send data for automating EPD generation. Using an API for powering EPD generation relies on One Click LCA’s practise-proven adaptive recognition system for identifying correct environmental profiles. This functionality can also be used on a file upload basis.

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One Click LCA Solutions for Large Scale EPD Publishing


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