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Environmental Product Declaration

och hur en EPD kan hjälpa ditt företag

A Guide for Construction Product Manufacturers

If you have been thinking about investing in EPDs but are not sure where to start or are confused by some of the terminology, this ebook is for you.

The construction sector is changing. Carbon efficiency and transparency increasingly drive investment and procurement choices, with Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) often supporting decision-making.

As a construction product manufacturer, having an EPD will help you stand out from the competition: this guide will show you how.

EPDs use life-cycle assessment (LCA) to quantify and then communicate the lifetime environmental impact of a product. They are third party verified and based on international standards, so provide an objective, credible and neutral assessment. In creating an EPD, a manufacturer is not making claims of low impact, but rather showing a commitment to measure and transparently declare environmental impact in an accessible format.

If you have been thinking about investing in EPDs but are not sure where to start or are confused by some of the terminologies, this guide is for you. It starts with an overview of EPDs: covering the concepts you need to know to get started. It then takes you through the EPD creation process and ends with a section on how to use EPDs to gain a competitive edge. Along the way, it includes essential supporting information and ends with a glossary.

This ebook was prepared by One Click LCA Ltd, an independent firm of construction carbon specialists operating globally out of Finland, formerly known as Bionova Ltd, but now with the same name as our flagship product, the world-leading construction life-cycle assessment software One Click LCA. One Click LCA works with construction carbon regulations, research and standardization.

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