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One Click Product EPDs software

We can help you generate EPDs directly from your business data on demand

✓ Automate your data input

✓ Get standardized EPDs easily

✓ Differentiate with transparency

Why create Product EPDs?

With an EPD in hand, you are able to transparently communicate your product’s environmental profile to your customers – from the honest outsider’s perspective. Compiling an EPD will also help you identify various eco-design hotspots in your product design and help you make more sustainable decisions to win even more customers. It will give you the ‘big picture’ – overview of your product potential – from cradle to grave.

The Environmental Product Declaration itself is essentially an externally verified and standardized description of the environmental profile of your product. Increasingly demanded by certifications, investors and green building professionals an EPD can be used to power other sustainable design tools, such as a Livscykelanalys.

The process of EPD creation:


ISO 14044 and EN 15804 standards

✓ Product Category Rules





Third Party Verification

What can you do with One Click LCA EPD tool?

One Click LCA is the easiest tool on the market to produce LCAs and EPDs in a uniform and reliable manner across a large product portfolio as well as to review and optimize products in the design phase.

No matter which Environmental Product Declaration system you are seeking for, One Click LCA will make your efforts feel effortless.

We provide you with:

  • Easy to use web tool for efficient product LCA & EPD production
  • Additional environmental data collection tool as required
  • Solution approach to tailor the models that fit your business
  • Tools to communicate and publish your product’s environmental data
  • For construction materials, tools to show your products’ impact at the whole-building level

You can view the examples of EPDs created by us from the Finnish EPD system, Rakennustietosäätiö. Until this moment almost all Finnish Environmental Product Declarations have been prepared and verified only by Bionova specialists.

Why choose One Click LCA for your product


Automate your data input

One Click import for Revit, IFC (BIM), Excel, energy models (gbXML) and other tools.

Get standardized EPDs easily

You’ll only need to fill in data you already know. We handle the rest.

Differentiate with transparency

EPD is a verified document of your product’s environmental impacts over it’s life-cycle.

Product EPDs — ISO and EN-standards compliant

Approaching a product EPD, you’ll need to calculate your product Life Cycle Assessment according to the ISO 14040 / ISO 14044 -standards and produce the required numeric content for your ISO-compliant Type II or Type III Environmental Product Declaration.

With some use cases, you’ll need to ensure your environmental product declarations follow European Standard EN 15942 and that the impacts are calculated to EN 15804. One Click LCA has ready-to-use tools and templates, which ensure that the assessment methods are also compliant with requirements of both ISO and EN-standards.

Choosing One Click LCA ensures not only compliance, but also smooth implementation with the kick-off training our packages include for your team.

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