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Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Costing services

We offer analyses, training, support and software solutions in the area of Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Costing; for example on use of LCA and LCC in procurement or design processes. Bionova offers life-cycle assessment, life-cycle costing, and carbon footprinting as a professional service as well as a software cloud service via the flexible and customizable One Click LCA platform.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a method that enables measuring the environmental impacts of a product, a service, or an investment such as a building or an infrastructure project during its entire life-cycle from raw materials to final disposal, or a subset of the life-cycle. Life Cycle Assessment is intended to measure overall environmental performance and avoid burden shifting. This allows improving overall environmental performance, when the essential environmental impacts are identified. Full Life Cycle Assessment takes into account various categories of environmental impact. Simplified LCA can be focused on a single environmental impact category, such as carbon or water footprint. LCA is performed according to ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards, as well as optional industry- or country-specific complementary standards such as EN 15804.

Carbon footprint means the climate impact of an organisation, product or a service, e.g. the greenhouse gases resulting from their activity. The carbon footprint serves as a measurement and management tool for detecting emission sources and cost saving opportunities. The results can be also used in strategic and operative planning, procurement, personnel management and environmental communication and marketing. Carbon footprint also serves as a value chain efficiency indicator. Carbon footprint also follows above mentioned international standards, as well as optional industry- or country-specific complementary standards, such as NS 3720, PAS 2080, or others.

Water footprint tells the amount of water consumed in the activity of an organization or consumed and embedded in the production of a product or a service. Water footprint consists of all water used and embedded in the production of raw materials, such as crops, or in processing such as manufacturing and assembly. Different types of water resources and different geographical regions of water consumption are separated; also any water purification is accounted for. The process commonly follows the ISO 14046 standard.

Life Cycle Costing (LCC) is the economical approach to life cycle performance. In Life Cycle Costing all the costs incurred during a life-cycle of a product or a service are identified, accounted and categorized. Life cycle costing can be used in making investment decisions, product development, marketing and in mapping value chain environmental and energy risks. Life Cycle Costing for built assets follows ISO 15686-5 standard as well as EN 16627 standard in the European context.

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I have been working with One Click LCA for about 6 months: it is easy to learn and user-friendly. I would recommend this tool for every future user.

Eryk Ostrowski

BREEAM certification specialist, Sweco Consulting, Poland

One Click LCA is very intuitive, has a large materials database and fast support. I’d definitely recommend it, and we are looking forward to using it in future projects.

Erlend Kulander

Kvitrud, Energirådgiver, NIRAS, Norway

One Click LCA has been selected for Joint Research Centre Refurbishment Projects as the most flexible, reliable, efficient tool for LCA in compliance with themain Rating Systems as BREEAM.

Eleonora Sablone

BREEAM AP and Assessor, JRC

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