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Implement and Track Your Climate Strategy

Software for baselining, tracking and cutting greenhouse gas emissions

Cut the greenhouse gas emissions and build your climate strategy

A climate strategy can have many elements, including climate adaptation and shifting business portfolio and risk management mechanisms; however, greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction is arguably the most critical element.

For companies with operations in Europe, having a Climate Strategy with a focus on GHG can be critical to meet the screening criteria of the EU Taxonomy.

One Click LCA helps you build a successful climate strategy by tracking and cutting your organisation’s greenhouse gas emissions (henceforth carbon).

How to create a successful Climate Strategy

One Click LCA Climate Strategy Solutions

One Click LCA GHG Reporting tool

  • Quantify all your GHG emissions from Scopes 1, 2, 3 – including all Categories 1-15 in Scope 3 as defined in the GHG Protocol.
  • Set carbon reduction targets from baseline emissions
  • Track your progress across all activities.
  • Use for Science-Based Targets, GRESB and CDP reporting.

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One Click LCA Building LCA, Infra LCA

  • Account for the whole-life carbon impacts of construction projects that you own, develop, design or consult on.
  • Request, send and receive data from different stakeholders across the construction supply chain.
  • Import the results into the One Click LCA GHG reporting tool to complete scope 1-3 emission reporting.

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Vem är det till för?

One Click LCA GHG Reporting can be used to implement a greenhouse gas emissions tracking and reduction program in any sector, including primary resources, manufacturing and services. One Click LCA Climate Strategy solutions, combines the GHG Reporting tool with the Building & Infra LCA tools to offer an excellent supply-chain wide solution for the following sectors:

Real estate investors, owners, developers

Request final project LCA results or provide project teams with One Click LCA Building/Infra LCA software. Import the LCA results into your GHG Reporting.

Architects, designers and engineers, consultants, and construction firms

Collate all project LCA for your GHG Reporting. If project data is missing, you can use One Click LCA’s generic project profiles; or retrospectively calculate the GHG emissions of the projects

Manufacturers, building material suppliers

Get your products specified by providing your products’ carbon data or EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) to architects, engineers, construction firms. Set targets and use the One Click LCA GHG Reporting tool for your Climate Strategy.

Everything you need to roll out your climate strategy globally

More than global software, we provide you with training, support and custom help to overcome all the corporate challenges when rolling out your climate strategy

Streamline data collection

In addition to One Click LCA’s unparalleled core database, which is updated constantly with every construction product EPD ever made, you can also create a library of private data and private construction assemblies, and you can receive private datasets from your suppliers.

Consult, support & training

Our team will support your baselining, roll-out and operations. We will help you design and carry out training programs for your team, including custom workflow, methodology, and reporting guidelines.

Global access

One Click LCA is available in 9 languages, used in over 120 countries, supports over 50 different national and international standards and certifications, and has a global database. The software can be deployed as national or global floating licenses.


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Trusted by leading developers & governments

One Click LCA supports Bouygues Bâtiment International’s Climate Strategy to Cut Embodied Carbon on a Global Scale

One Click LCA supports Statsbygg to achieve their ambitious carbon reduction targets

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