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Case study: Life Cycle Assessment for Infrastructure

Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Costing for Infrastructure

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Project: Waste water plant for the city of Lappeenranta

Waste water plant, Finland

  • investerare: City of Lappeenranta
  • Typ Infrastruktur
  • One Click LCA Expert: City of Lappeenranta
  • One Click LCA för analyzing different options to find the best location for the new waste water treatment and waste handling plant.

One Click LCA was used for this infrastructure project to accurately compare alternatives and find out where the new water waste and waste handling plant should be built, based on lower environmental impacts and cost-efficiency over the whole life-span. With the help of reliable data from Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Cost calculations, the city officials were able to support their decision-making and choose the best and most environmentally friendly option. Read more about One Click LCA for infrastructure here.

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