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Recorded webinar 

Low-carbon aluminium as a solution for sustainable construction and renovation

Joint webinar delivered with RUSAL


Low-carbon aluminium as a solution for sustainable construction – with RUSAL

Aluminium is an essential construction material due to its strength, durability, low weight and ductility. But, with traditional aluminium production accounting for 4-5% of global electricity demand and its production forecast to more than double by 2050, it is essential that the construction sector find sustainable alternatives.

Low-carbon aluminium is primary aluminium made with renewable energy. Its use can reduce embodied carbon in construction projects significantly, in one case study by up to one fifth.

What you can expect to learn from this 60-minute webinar:

  • The carbon impact of traditional primary aluminium
  • How low-carbon aluminium can provide a solution for new buildings and retrofits
  • Role low-carbon aluminium can play as a solution for manufacturers
  • The role of low-carbon aluminium in certification credits and compliance
  • The challenges of low-carbon aluminium production (RUSAL)
  • Low-carbon aluminium carbon footprint transparency and accountability (RUSAL)

Your hosts:
Panu Pasanen,CEO at Bionova,developer of One Click LCA 

Panu Pasanen (MSc.) is a building LCA expert with 15 years of practical LCA experience, training experts in LCA worldwide.

Jerome Lucaes,Marketing Director, Sustainability, at RUSAL

Jerome Lucaes, RUSAL

An international executive with over 22 years of experience, a co-founder of the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative, he works with customers and stakeholders to accelerate the aluminium industry’s zero-carbon transition. Jerome holds engineering master’s degree from the French École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées and MBA from Paris.

What previous attendees said about our webinars

That was a very informative presentation and webinar.
Tara Tariq

Manager, Sustainability Monitoring & Reporting, See Nexus

The webinar was very helpful and had good, valuable information.
Piotr Podhajny

LEED AP BD + C, DGNB Consultant and Engineer, Midtconsult

I enjoyed the webinar and did learn new information from the presentation.
Bobby Rozier

LEED AP, Project Manager, MBP (McDonough Bolyard Peck)