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Meeting the SE 2050 Challenge with One Click LCA

Net zero embodied carbon structural systems by 2050


Structural elements contribute up to 70% of a building’s total embodied carbon. In 2019, the Carbon Leadership Forum set a challenge to structural engineers: ‘All structural engineers shall understand, reduce and ultimately eliminate embodied carbon in their projects by 2050.’


Structural Engineers 2050 Commitment Program or SE 2050 is a response to this challenge.

It aims to transform the practice of structural engineering to help firms work toward net-zero embodied carbon structural systems by 2050.


To become an SE 2050 signatory, firms need to submit an Embodied Carbon Action Plan (ECAP) outlining how they will transition their systems and practices. 

One Click LCA can help you develop and deliver your ECAP.

Deliver your Embodied Carbon Action Plan 

Train your company’s embodied carbon champion with sessions tailored to develop LCA knowledge.
Host the Embodied Carbon 101 webinar for everyone in your firm.
Review your Education Plan and provide feedback where needed.
Hold a 2-hour session to help define embodied carbon goals, shape your carbon reduction strategy and develop a reporting plan.

Hold an additional one-hour session to review your progress on adopting LCA and reducing emissions.

SE 2050 Electives you can achieve with One Click LCA

The Embodied Carbon Action Plan covers four key areas and lists a number of electives within each one for companies to commit to.

Education – internal education within your firm; reporting; reduction – embodied carbon reduction strategies; advocacy, sharing lessons learnt with your professional community and beyond.

Here’s how One Click LCA can help you achieve some of the main SE 2050 electives, especially within the reduction category.

Communicate the embodied carbon impacts of design options to clients with data visualization

Our software offers bubble charts, tree maps, Sankey diagrams, and other visualization options.

Participate in a LEED, ILFI Zero Carbon, or similar project design charrette

One Click LCA for LEED and One Click LCA Net Zero Carbon tool support LEED and ILFI Zero Carbon projects.

Calculate your firm’s average embodied carbon benchmark

Our Carbon Heroes Benchmark allows you to compare your project to similar buildings in the same country, region, or globally.

Have an EPD created for a project

You can request EPD data directly from manufacturers in One Click LCA. We also offer manufacturers a range of EPD creation tools.

Complete an embodied carbon comparison study during the concept phase

One Click LCA’s Carbon Designer supports concept phase carbon assessments.

Submit a Circular Economy Narrative showing how the project supports the circular economy

Circularity assessments can be generated using the One Click LCA Building Circularity add-on.

Key resources

Incorporating LCA into your Existing Design Workflow

AIA Approved Continuing Education

Join us to learn about LCA, embodied carbon, and the power of architects to make informed improvements with simple, quantitative design tools leading to a more sustainable built environment.

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Incorporating Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Into Your Existing Design Workflow

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