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Circular Economy and Building Circularity Tool

Recorded webinar by Panu Pasanen

Circular Economy and Building Circularity Tool

Highlight: Circular Economy

Circular Economy means different things to different stakeholders. Learn how to quantify and evaluate options and tradeoffs using a methodological approach that allows measuring circular performance of any construction project.

What you can expect from the recorded webinar:

  • An overview of Circular Economy: what it is and how to apply it efficiently to your building projects
  • How to leverage the new Building Circularity tool for your projects
  • How circular design strategy can help you design greener and better buildings

Your host: Panu Pasanen (MSc.)

Trainer Panu Pasanen (MSc.) is a building LCA expert with 15 years of practical LCA experience, training experts in LCA worldwide.

That was a very informative presentation and webinar.
Tara Tariq

Manager, Sustainability Monitoring & Reporting, See Nexus

The webinar was very helpful and had good, valuable information.
Piotr Podhajny

LEED AP BD + C, DGNB Consultant and Engineer, Midtconsult

I enjoyed the webinar and did learn new information from the presentation.
Bobby Rozier

LEED AP, Project Manager, MBP (McDonough Bolyard Peck)

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