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A simpler way to showcase your product’s sustainability

The One Click LCA Product Carbon Tool helps you calculate the carbon footprint (Global Warming Potential) of a product in compliance with ISO 14040 and 14044 and EN 15804.

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Environmental Product Declaration

And how it helps your business

Take the stress and cost out of calculating product carbon footprints

The One Click LCA Product Carbon Tool makes calculating Global Warming Potential (GWP) accessible to all.

Perform unlimited GWP calculations for your product. Compare designs to find the most sustainable solution. Publish your results in the One Click LCA database to reach a wide audience of builders and designers.

Collect data on raw materials and energy consumption smoothly with a template tailored for your industry. The One Click LCA platform makes it easy to import the data either via file upload or using our API.

You can choose to extend to create a full product life cycle assessment, with One Click LCA’s team on hand to guide you through the process.

Simplifying carbon transparency

With more clients and investors using carbon transparency to select products, the Product Carbon Tool makes it possible to measure and monitor the cradle-to-grave carbon emissions of your products.

No experience necessary

Designed for manufacturers and suitable for anyone new to conducting carbon assessments, the One Click LCA team will guide you through all aspects of calculating your product’s carbon footprint, including data selection and documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between EPDs, Product LCAs, and Carbon Assessments?

EPDs: An Environmental Product Declaration is needed if you wish to externally verify and publish the environmental profile of your product. This may be required on projects that are aiming to achieve certification credits like LEED, BREEAM, etc.

Product LCAs: A Product Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is needed if you wish to conduct an environmental assessment of your product, however, you are not required to have the data verified or published by a third party. For example, an LCA only has been specified for a project.

Carbon Assessments: This is similar to a Product LCA in that it is not externally verified or published, however, it only covers the carbon footprint (carbon dioxide equivalent) of your product. This may be all that is required for your purposes.

Read more about different types of EPDs in this ebook.

Why do I need to create carbon assessments for my products?
Carbon transparency is an increasingly important factor for investors and clients when choosing products. Measuring and marketing your product’s carbon footprint can help you to stand out in a crowded marketplace.
Do I need to conduct a carbon assessment or a full life cycle assessment?
We can help you assess which option is right for you. Contact us at sales@bionova.fi. The Product Carbon Tool also comes with an option to upgrade to a full life cycle assessment and we can also support you to create an Environmental Product Declaration ( EPD).
Which product categories and industries does the Product Carbon Tool support?
The Product Carbon Tool supports carbon assessments of all products across all industries. If you have a question about a specific product or industry please get in touch sales@bionova.fi.
What data does One Click LCA cover?

Access One Click LCA’s extensive EPD database and up to 150 relevant Ecoinvent datasets. With the option to upgrade to access the entire Ecoinvent database.


Are there other options and how can I learn more about them?
Please write to us at sales@bionova.fi or schedule a demo from here.

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