LCA credits for BREEAM UK

Life Cycle Assessment software for BREEAM UK

Officially approved Life Cycle Assessment software for BREEAM UK


BRE has officially approved One Click LCA IMPACT equivalent module for purposes of assessing Mat 01 exemplary level credits under BREEAM 2011 and 2014 schemes. This allows any BREEAM UK project to perform an LCA using the easy-to-use One Click LCA and earn two exemplary credits for their project, in addition of any credits available from Green Guide. The approval letter from BRE is available here.

The One Click LCA IMPACT equivalent module provides an unique solution to BREEAM UK projects seeking Mat 01 LCA credits.

  • Easy-to-use cloud service that does not require engaging a LCA specialist
  • Import data from a Revit or IFC model, an energy model (exported e.g. from IES-VE or DesignBuilder) or Excel
  • Cover also LCC (Man 02), Responsible sourcing (Mat 03), Site Impacts Monitoring (Man 03), Aftercare exemplary credit (Man 05) and Climate Resiliency (Wst 05) to achieve a maximum of 14 credits
  • Calculate the impacts with manufacturer-specific EPDs (not possible when using IMPACT database)

The IMPACT equivalent module is aimed for BREEAM UK 2011 and 2014. Other tools are available for BREEAM International and national versions. In addition to IMPACT-equivalent status, One Click LCA also has an IMPACT-compliant module which has been approved by BRE. The IMPACT-compliant module delivers exactly the same BREEAM credits, but provides a consistent and fixed materials database and calculation rules. This module can be used in Home Quality Mark rating system in addition of BREEAM.Life-Cycle Assessment is a powerful environmental design tool and One Click LCA is the fast and easy building LCA software for LEED, BREEAM, DGNB & 20 other systems.

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