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One Click LCA powers Zero Carbon Hack


This November (2019) One Click LCA joined LafargeHolcim, the global leader in cement, aggregates and ready-mix concrete with a presence in over 80 countries, to host the Zero Carbon Hack in Lyon. Researchers and green building specialists from all over Europe were invited to collaborate and provide a sustainable building solution for the smart use of materials.

The Hackathon goal was to reduce embodied carbon by design, and One Click LCA powered the Hackathon.

One Click LCA was the software used by all teams to quantify and compare results from different design teams and to determine the winner compared to the established reference building.

Why does Net Zero Hack matter?

It is not a secret that the materials used in the construction industry are not emissions-free, therefore, the importance of minimizing those emissions is critical to catch up with the global climate changes. And materials manufacturers, like LafargeHolcim, care about this, too.

There are several ways to cut embodied carbon and its collateral footprint:

  1.  Trying alternative model designs to minimize the use of the most impactful materials
  2. Using the existing model and optimizing the materials to reach the most ecologically sustainable option

Using those design levers the participants got to explore the sustainable use of concrete and made a path for innovative designs. The five criteria was created to guide them through the hackathon: Innovation, Reduction of embodied carbon footprint, Technical feasibility, Potential business, Smart use of concrete.

What was the outcome?

The hackathon was a great event that educated engineers, architects, researchers and tech developers about the practical ways to cut the carbon.

The winners of the Hackathon are Anna Szabo, Antonio Alvino, Biagio Mancini, Ellie Marsh, Jess Forsdyke, and Sandie Kate Fenton. With a comprehensive approach over the structural system and material selection, cutting CO2 emissions by 45% for the reference building, they finished first in this competition. Apart from the prizes, the winners of the competition secured a 6-months contract for developing their solution in cooperation with LafargeHolcim.

We sincerely congratulate all the teams for their commitment and great ideas and we also thank LafargeHolcim for the initiative and for hosting this competition.

The hackathons uncover a very positive trend in the gigantic construction field, this massive industry says: we care. And indeed, wasn’t this hackathon the perfect way to involve young enthusiastic professionals for the climate change counter-action?

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