One Click LCA is approved for Minnesota B3 Guidelines

Get your Whole-Building LCA credit faster with an approved software

One Click LCA is approved for Minnesota B3 Guidelines

One Click LCA has been assessed and is approved by Center for Sustainable Building Research, University of Minnesota. You can now use the software to achieve M.1 Whole-Building Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) credit in the B3 Guidelines.

In addition of LCA, the software also supports M.2 Environmentally Preferable Materials with the Circular Economy tool.

What is Minnesota B3 Guidelines?

The Buildings, Benchmarks & Beyond (B3) Guidelines are designed to help make buildings more energy efficient and sustainable. The B3 Guidelines are required for any project getting Minnesota state funding.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a mandatory part in B3 Guidelines. This requirement applies to all New Buildings and Major Renovations.

Why use One Click LCA for B3 Guidelines?

With One Click LCA, you can easily calculate your building’s LCA in minutes with automatic data import from BIM software to find the hot spots, improve and compare the design to find your optimal solution.

What’s more, One Click LCA comes with an integrated North American EPD database. You don’t have to go through a vast range of options and locate manufacturers with EPD data and review their impacts. One Click LCA helps you to get this done easily with an extensive LCA database. The database includes all major North American databases and EPDs, in addition to generic materials: NRMCA, ASTM, NSF, SCS Global Services, UL Environment, and Quartz. Our database conforms to ISO 14025, 14040, 14044, and EN 15804 or ISO 21930 and has at least a cradle to gate scope.

As mentioned earlier, you can use Building Circularity, an add-on circular economy tool to One Click LCA software, to achieve M.2 Environmentally Preferable Materials credit. This tool will help you track, quantify and optimize materials and the circularity at the end of life. You can have a holistic picture and breakdown per each material type (virgin, renewable, recycled, or reused).


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