June 2019 One Click LCA User Survey answers

and what we’re going to do with your feedback

First – thank you very much all respondents! We strive to listen to you and continue to improve.

In this survey we received complete answers from 74 users from 25 countries. Most active regions for answers were North America, Northern Europe, UK and Continental Europe. Most respondents were using One Click LCA Business plan, twenty percent were using Expert plan and rest other plans.


Key findings: more clear communication on updates & continue focus on data and usability


More over half of all respondents confirmed value of our 2019 to date product improvements in each of these areas: usability, LCA database, materials search and result analysis. Users working with Carbon Designer also were pleased with improvements in that tool. At the same time, a number of answers highlighted need for more clear product update communication.

In this survey, our North American users were the happiest user region on the average, and One Click LCA Expert plan users were also significantly happier on the average. Overall user satisfaction with the service had improved over December 2018 particularly in terms of productivity gains, a track on which we intend to continue investing in. Spontaneous positive feedback on the service was given for example for ease of use, database, customer support and comprehensiveness – thank you!

We received 134 feedback, grouped into usability, database, reporting, data integration, life-cycle costing, transparency improvements and support materials. Thank you for every single one – all have been reviewed carefully and we have planned developments to improve areas that matter to you.

Below is the first sneak peek into what we will be releasing this year to improve our service to you.

What we are going to do with your feedback: September 2019 product update and beyond

During the summer, we already improved our German, French and Norwegian language versions and issued an updated version of the Life-Cycle Cost datasets. These changes are available now.

Here are some of the things to look forward to already in September (all license levels):

  • You asked for clarity on product updates. We are releasing an updates pane in the software main page so you can always see what’s new when you log in.
  • You asked for easier to read Results report and more adjustable graphs, with possibility to download associated data. This is released in September update.
  • You asked for a possibility to save your data without having to scroll to top of the page and losing your position on the page. This is made possible in the September update.
  • You asked for recording all assumptions used in Carbon Designer. Available in September.
  • You asked for more data on building services. Simplified data for those out in September.
  • We’ve improved the speed of EPD data integration for several major EPD programs.
  • And dozens of other smaller updates and improvements.

For Business and Expert license levels we’re furthermore releasing following:

  • You asked for ability to merge different subsystem calculations to one. Copy & Merge functionality is coming in September for all Business plan users. This feature will allow also copying datasets from your other projects as basis for a new project. While this feature can be used for all kinds of applications, it can be specifically relevant for BREEAM UK users to combine different sub-system options to a whole building LCA, or to re-use options.
  • You asked for row by row adjustable end of life scenarios. A beta version of the end of life scenarios is released in September for test users, to be generalized for Expert plan users.
  • You asked for an ability to consider materials options for carbon without starting a new project. We are releasing the Materials Specifier for our Expert plan users in September.
  • You asked for an ability to adjust materials energy mix compensation based on different energy scenarios. Choosing the specific energy scenario will be possible in the upcoming beta version 2 of the local compensation method, adjustable row by row in Expert plan.

We continue analysing and prioritizing the feedback we have received from you, above is just the first cycle of improvements. More information on later releases to follow.

If you have a product development request, please send it to us at any time via support@bionova.fi. We take your feedback very seriously and will do our best to address it.


Requests for other tools: circular economy, product EPDs and infrastructure LCA tools

We also were pleased to hear many of you were also interested in tools for

  • Circular economy – addressed with the Building Circularity add-on.
  • Product EPD calculation – several EN 15804 compliant tools available for producing EPDs
  • Infrastructure LCA – tools for PAS 2080, Envision, CEEQUAL and HS2 specifications available, as well as ‘vanilla’ LCA tool for infrastructure in compliance with ISO and EN standards

The above tools are available as additional modules on One Click LCA platform. You can use same user account for all our tools. If you have any questions about these please write to your contact person for a demo, or send email to sales@bionova.fi and we’ll provide the information you need.


We hope these developments as well as the other updates we have released will serve you well. Looking forward to, and appreciating your feedback,

At your service

Panu Pasanen


CEO, Bionova Ltd.

Kostas Koukoulopoulos


Product Manager, Bionova Ltd.

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