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The Low Carbon Real Estate & Construction Services Playbook

Accelerate decarbonisation while growing your business

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29 services to decarbonize construction and enhance the service portfolio of architects, engineers, quantity surveyors and real estate green building or sustainability consultants. 

Life-cycle assessment (LCA) is a scientific approach to assessing lifetime environmental impact. For real estate and construction, the objective data and long-term perspective provided by LCA is critical to meeting the industry’s low carbon targets. 

Too often, however, the benefits of LCA are seen purely in the context of gaining certification credits. This narrow focus can result in life-cycle metrics being used too late in a project when opportunities to make significant cost and carbon savings have effectively been lost. 

This resource aims to change that.

It presents 29 services to decarbonize construction, grouped according to the area of real estate and construction they support: infrastructure and building projects; products, portfolios and cities.

Designed for architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, and real estate, green building or sustainability consultants, it aims to help you expand your service offer while accelerating decarbonisation.

This guide was prepared by One Click LCA Ltd, the developer of the world-leading construction decarbonization platform: One Click LCA. Our software is used to decarbonize building and infrastructure projects, to generate Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) and benchmark low-carbon products, and to create corporate or real estate portfolio greenhouse gas reports. One Click LCA is used in more than 100 countries, includes the world’s largest construction sector database and supports over 50 standards and certifications.

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