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Recorded webinar 

How to reduce embodied carbon of structures

with BIM automation and manufacturer-specific data

Embodied carbon of structures – achieving reductions with BIM automation and manufacturer-specific data

Highlight: BIM automation, Embodied carbon

In this 60-minute webinar, you will learn:

  • Why embodied carbon matters and why structural engineers play a crucial role in achieving reductions
  • How to automate and optimize structural quantities with Tekla Structural Designer and Tekla Structures
  • Embodied carbon accounting, optimization and using manufacturer-specific data with One Click LCA

Your host & guest speakers

Dr John Orr

University Lecturer in Concrete Structures – University of Cambridge

His teaching and research are related to sustainable construction, with emphasis placed on concrete, and structural optimisation

David Sanderson

Product Manager – Tekla Structural Designer – Trimble

David has spent the last 30 years creating and managing the development of market-leading analysis & design software for the construction industry.

Panu Pasanen

CEO – One Click LCA

Panu Pasanen (MSc.) is an LCA expert with 15 years of practical LCA experience, training experts in LCA worldwide.



What previous attendees said about our webinars?

That was a very informative presentation and webinar.
Tara Tariq

Manager, Sustainability Monitoring & Reporting, See Nexus

The webinar was very helpful and had good, valuable information.
Piotr Podhajny

LEED AP BD + C, DGNB Consultant and Engineer, Midtconsult

I enjoyed the webinar and did learn new information from the presentation.
Bobby Rozier

LEED AP, Project Manager, MBP (McDonough Bolyard Peck)