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Get credits for BREEAM NOR with Life-Cycle metrics

LCA and LCC can now deliver up to nine credits in BREEAM-NOR 2016

This is a quick look at the use of life-cycle metrics (LCA and LCC) in BREEAM-NOR 2016 and which credits they can support for the projects. Key takeaway for One Click LCA users is that LCA and LCC can now deliver up to nine credits, and further credits can be earned with additional tracking tools.

Mat 01 Life cycle impacts – up to 5 credits with One Click LCA

Working with LCA in this credit requires an approved LCA software, like One Click LCA. One Click LCA is also the only software that can deliver the exemplary LCA credit for BREEAM NOR 2016, enabling achieving the required 85 % points threshold. The lower credit threshold is achieved automatically with One Click LCA. Note: approval in Mat 01 forms is with old brand name 360optimi.

  • Life cycle impacts of building: Project team must perform an LCA in compliance with mandatory requirements outlined in the BREEAM NOR 2016 Mat 01 calculator. Scoring of this credit is based on the percentage of Mat 01 calculator points achieved. Here with a minimum of 85 % of the score achieved 2 credits + an exemplary credit are awarded.
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions: awards up to two credits for demonstrated reduction in materials-driven green house gas emissions for scope A1-A3 (materials production) compared to a reference building. Achieving 20 % reduction from new materials earns one credit, whereas a 40 % reduction earns two credits. Reference building is defined by it’s functional and technical requirements and it shall be broadly representative of similar buildings. Reference building must be submitted in advance.

One Click LCA (formerly known as 360optimi) is an approved software for BREEAM NOR 2016 Mat 01 LCA. The software holds the world’s highest verified score of any software, which in practice guarantees that project teams that perform their LCA in compliance with requirements outlined above earn the maximum available credits and can earn the exemplary credit. Furthermore, the software integrates the entire materials database published by EPD Norge, so users can choose the materials from their specific local suppliers. Using non-approved software is not possible for neither of these credits. Additional credits are awarded from sourcing products with EPDs and eco-labeling criteria.

Man 02 Life cycle cost and service life planning – up to 3 credits with LCC

The parts of this credit involving a life-cycle perspective both apply the ISO 15686:5 standard and require demonstrating by examples that LCC plans have been used to influence building and systems design and specification to optimize life cycle costs. Tools for these analyses are included in One Click LCA.

  • Two credits are awarded for performing an entire asset elemental LCC plan at the Concept Design Stage with design option appraisals in line with for the service life set by the client brief.
  • One credit is awarded for component level LCC options appraisal developed by the end of Technical Design Stage that consider envelope, services, finishes and external spaces, where present.

Ene 04 Low and zero carbon technologies – 2 credits from LCA

1. Criteria 1 to 3 are achieved.
2. The feasibility study includes a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of the carbon impact of the chosen LZC system(s), accounting for its embodied carbon emissions and operational carbon savings and emissions. The LCA study must be completed in accordance with ISO 14044:2006 Environmental Management Life Cycle Assessment – Requirements and Guidelines.
3. The LCA must consider a 60 year period (a typical assumption for the life of a building) and any necessary replacements/maintenance requirements within this period.

The tool for performing this analysis is included in One Click LCA platform.

Support also for Man 05 Aftercare, Man 03 Responsible Construction practices and EPD specification and collection for further credits

While these are not life-cycle metrics, One Click LCA platform can also support the data collection requirement of the Man 03, section Monitoring of construction site impacts (2 credits) as well as the Man 05 Aftercare exemplary credit by collecting data from the construction site or enabling following the in-life performance of a building for three years after its completion. The software also allows specifying and tracking the use of EPDs in projects, which can support two more credits.

Life-Cycle Assessment is a powerful environmental design tool and One Click LCA is the fast and easy building LCA software for LEED, BREEAM, DGNB & 20 other systems.

Import data from your BIM, Excel-file, Energy Model or Bill-of-materials to get a standards-based LCA in just minutes. Get more certification credits easily and design greener buildings the smart way.

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