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Life Cycle Assessment Guides

Green Building Movie Posters

Curious how Green Building would look like if it was a movie by Wes Anderson or Sofia Coppola? Find out how we reimagined Green Building as movie posters.

Life Cycle Costing (LCC)

Environmental product declaration (EPD)

EPDs Comparability

EPDs can be compared to select the most sustainable materials for your building. Learn how to leverage them and avoid sub-optimization.

Using EPDs for Building LCA

A guide to using EPDs for Building LCA and the role of EPDs and generic data in Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment.

BREEAM, LEED & National certifications

LEED v4.1 LCA credits

Read our guide to the changes in LEED v4.1 LCA and discover the new approach to material credits in LEED.

DGNB 2018 LCA credits

DGNB 2018 has introduced a lot of changes when it comes to LCA credits, read this guide to find out what’s new.

Guide Energie Carbone

Ce que vous devez savoir sur Énergie Carbone et comment le label affectera votre projet de construction. Lisez ce guide simple sur le nouveau label Énergie Carbone.

One Click LCA New Features

Send me data from BIM

One Click LCA’s new features ‘Send me data from BIM’ allows LCA experts to receive data from BIM experts without installing any BIM software. Find out more.

One Click LCA is now IMPACT-compliant

“We are very pleased that One Click LCA has become IMPACT compliant”, says Flavie Lowres, Associate Director at BRE. “IMPACT allows consistent integration of LCA data with BIM. “

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