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High-impact research on Embodied Carbon

The Embodied Carbon Review

Embodied carbon reduction in 100+ regulations and rating systems globally

The Embodied Carbon Review reports the results of how embodied carbon, that is, the carbon emissions from construction materials, is addressed in certifications and regulations globally. This unique research was conducted by Bionova Ltd (One Click LCA) and sponsored by Saint-Gobain, Stora Enso, Finnish Ministry of the Environment and the Finnish Transport Agency.

City Policy Framework for Dramatically Reducing Embodied Carbon

52 detailed policies for cities to reduce embodied carbon

This framework provides guidance for cities considering policies that can deliver the highest impact within their geopolitical contexts and regulatory systems. Over 50 existing policies from leading cities have been evaluated, categorized, and scored according to their potential, cost efficiency, ease of implementation, and enforceability.

Low-carbon Aluminium

Solution for sustainable construction & renovation

In this whitepaper, we review the carbon impact of aluminium in construction, and explore via different real case studies how low-carbon aluminium can help reducing embodied carbon in new buildings, retrofit, and act as a competitive advantage for manufacturers.

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