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LEED Case Study: Invesco Logistics Park

LEED v4 Building life-cycle impact reduction credit with One Click LCA

Invesco Logistics Park

Calle Severo Ochoa, 21, Getafe, Madrid

  • Investor: Invesco/BCM-MCA
  • Type: New Construction Warehouses and Distribution Centers
  • Area: 29,725 m2
  • Certification: LEED BD+C v4
  • One Click LCA Expert: LKS KREAN
  • One Click LCA used for: LEED Building life-cycle impact reduction credit

The Project involves the design and construction of a Warehouse Park of 29,725 m2 made up of two buildings, divided into 6 leasable modules each. It is a Core & Shell building where each module is organized in two areas, a warehouse area with double height above ground, and an office area divided into two floors. The project has achieved LEED Silver certification.

One Click LCA was used by LKS to calculate the Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment of the Project Invesco Logistics Park as part of LEED certification. One Click LCA allowed identifying the most contributing materials in each impact category in the early design phase.

Preliminary results revealed that on-site mixed concrete and precast concrete had the highest impact on the global environmental impact of the building. Therefore, the main strategies adopted were the optimization of the structural module, the use of low environmental impact cement, and the reduction of the transportation distance of the precast concrete elements by the selection of a local manufacturer.

Other strategies included the use of recycled aggregates for the sub-surface and the use of low environmental impact insulation materials. These strategies implemented in the early design phase helped to decrease Global Warming Potential, Depletion of the stratospheric ozone layer, acidification of land and water sources, Eutrophication, Formation of tropospheric ozone, and Depletion of non-renewable energy resources.

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