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Improve the carbon footprint of your products

One Click LCA is the solution for all LCA needs


Concrete Industry measures and improves products’ environmental footprint with One Click LCA

One Click LCA Ltd (formerly Bionova Ltd) and the Finnish Concrete Industry Association have concluded a multi-year agreement to utilize One Click LCA and its databases to calculate and improve concrete products’ carbon footprints. The calculation is based on EN 15804 standard for Environmental product declarations for construction products. The agreement allows association members to utilize the service for carbon footprinting, and they have the opportunity to expand their utilization of the service to multi-parameter LCA’s or construction project life-cycle impacts as defined in the standard EN 15978.

Agrifood Research Finland MTT retained One Click LCA as LCA platform for food supply chain projects

Agrifood Research Finland MTT has retained One Click LCA as their LCA application for food supply chain projects. One Click LCA Ltd was awarded the contract due to superior LCA expertise and the platform’s capability to roll out tailored applications in a short time frame. The applications are integrated with MTT’s EcoModules databases and will be utilized in pilots in the spring 2014 in four different areas of food supply chain.

One Click LCA differentiates from the pack by ease of use, efficiency and flexibility

One Click LCA Ltd’s web services help companies and organisations to make environmental and life-cycle impacts visible and support constant improvement, streamlining of actvities and cost efficiency. The services are easy to use and ensure that the time expended on data administration is minimized and organisations are not dependent from external experts in their daily operation.

“We help our clients to make environmental and life-cycle performance a real business tool. Our clients can push up to date information to the reach of entire organisation with minimum hassle”, says Panu Pasanen, CEO of One Click LCA Ltd. “Our solutions support efficiency, reliability and transparency of life-cycle impact assessment in both of these cases. Choosing One Click LCA for these clients was especially easy due to high quality, exceptional ease of use and our strong references.”

One Click LCA is a cloud-based sustainability software, which can be tailored to your needs. Whether you’re a building professional, a manufacturer, a city council or a hotel owner — our platform will help you achieve your CSR and sustainability goals.

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