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Live Webinar

Incorporating Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to achieve LEED, Green Mark, Beam Plus certifications

Thursday, February 22nd – 7.00 am GMT/ 3.00 pm HKT








Construction projects account for 39% of global CO2 emissions. Over the years due to the rapid decarbonization of the energy sector, embodied carbon is becoming recognized as a dominant climate impact driver. In response, governments, green building certifications, and developers are increasingly required to track, quantify, and optimize carbon and sustainability in building projects to reduce the environmental impact.

For this purpose, building life cycle assessment (LCA), a science-based methodology for quantifying the lifetime environmental impacts of a building, is used to measure and reduce the embodied, operational, and whole-life carbon of buildings.

For many constructional professionals such as consultants, engineers, architects etc. incorporating LCA to achieve green building certifications credits for building or infrastructure projects, whether for LEED, Green Mark or Beam Plus or others, is required. Not only that, achieving the credits also requires results to be tailored to the relevant scheme, including life-cycle stages, impact indicators, benchmarking, and more.

How One Click LCA helps?

One Click LCA has the world’s largest construction LCA database that being used in more than 170 countries, with 200,000+ global up-to- date generic LCA and EPD data points so that you can make robust data-driven decisions. We cover 80+ global compliance standards. For engineers and consultants, we support more than 15 BIM integrations such as Revit, Rhino and Grasshopper. And our global team of LCA and EPD specialists are here to help you with your product and project needs.


This one-hour concise webinar will:

    • Help you understand the importance of LCA and embodied carbon in building and infrastructure construction projects.
    • How you can achieve green building certifications for LEED, Green Mark, Beam Plus etc.
    • How to incorporate life cycle assessment thinking into existing workflow by leveraging One Click LCA.
    Your hosts

    Raymond Chan

    Business Development Engineer for APAC at One Click LCA

    Muhammad Ali Saleem

    Sustainability Communications @ One Click LCA