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Identify and access new markets

Sustainability matters more than ever and competitiveness requires constant focus. Managing sustainability the right way develops competitiveness and helps you differentiate.

Bionova helps you to optimize your environmental performance and understand the requirements and standards that apply to your business. We help you to tap the demand for sustainable solutions and expand your markets, or to find ways to deliver additional value to your clients. With us, you can provide your current and future clients with internationally comparable measures on the sustainability of your product or organization.

Efficient reporting and compliancy are a core part of a successful business. Customers are increasingly asking for environmental product declarations (EPDs) and life-cycle assessments (LCAs). Standard-based environmental metrics such as these often serve as procurement criteria, because these are transparent, technology and vendor neutral, and objective metrics.

Public procurement puts more weight than ever on sustainability. Proposals that are able to accurately showcase environmental impacts have an advantage. Further opportunities arise via certification processes and schemes, where sustainable products command a premium.

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