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World’s highest rated LCA software for BREEAM

Best LCA software for BREEAM

BRE’s rating for BREEAM Int’l 2016 LCA tools confirmed One Click LCAs leadership for the third time in a row. The platform supports several additional credits, for a max of 19 credits. In spite of this extensive scope, the tool is extremely easy to use and efficient, according to users.

Best LCA for BREEAM 2013, 2015 and 2016 – third time is the charm!

One Click LCA is the only software able to deliver maximal LCA credits for any BREEAM International project anywhere in the world (2009 and 2010 versions included). The tool was now rated highest performing by BRE for the third time in a row, and it also delivers the exemplary credit from Mat 01. This is a really nice bonus on top of the vast time savings you’ll achieve by getting a Life-Cycle Assessment done in hours instead of weeks.

Many BREEAM experts have worked in the past with Green Guide to get their Mat 01 credits. The 2016 version definitely puts one more nail on Green Guide’s coffin, as it’s only worth a single Mat 01 credit. This follows the policy of BRE’s recent briefing paper.

The One Click LCA earns maximal Mat 01 credits, and the platform powers many other tools for BREEAM projects and can support a total of 19 credits.

one click lca Best LCA for BREEAM 2013, 2015, 2016 AND 2017 – now 100% rating!

Sources: BREEAM 2016, BREEAM 2016 Mat 01 calculator & One Click LCA Ltd’s tools.

Key takeaway: you will achieve more credits than with any other software, faster than ever before.

The new tools complementing LCA for BREEAM projects – max 19 credits

One Click LCA can deliver several credits in the BREEAM schemes including

  • Man 02 Life cycle cost and service life planning; including Elemental life cycle cost (2 credits) and Component level life cycle cost (1 credit)
  • Man 03 Responsible construction practices; Monitoring of construction site impacts (2 credits)
  • Man 05 Aftercare; One credit – Post-occupancy evaluation + exemplary credit*
  • Mat 01 Life cycle impacts; Five credits + Exemplary + EPD credit
  • Mat 03 Responsible sourcing of construction products (up to three credits)*
  • Wst 05 Adaptation to climate change (1 credit + exemplary)
    *Included in summer 2016 product release

For BREEAM UK users our IMPACT-equivalent LCA tool delivers the exemplary credits from Mat 01.

For international BREEAM users, the platform is approved for BREEAM SE, NOR and ES. In BREEAM International 2013, also the Ene 04 Low and zero carbon technologies credit applies.

Time to ditch the shovel and get the job done

It’s an absurd to waste weeks shoveling when an excavator is at hand. With One Click LCA you can achieve BREEAM-compliant LCA in hours. You can use your Revit model, other BIM files or material listing spreadsheets to power the automation, or get the whole thing done using our user friendly web interface.

#1 LCA tool for BREEAM 2016; 19 credits possible – easy and efficient

Do you work with multiple certifications? No worries, we have tools also available for LEED, DGNB, HQE and others. Read more info here.

Ok – I’m ready for the 21st century

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