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Report your company’s GHG emissions in a few clicks

One Click LCA GHG Reporting enables autonomous greenhouse gas reporting across the whole value chain. Set reduction targets and track your organisation’s progress over time.

Get emission results that comply with

Say goodbye to confusing Excel spreadsheets

With One Click LCA GHG Reporting’s easy user interface and streamlined workflow, it has never been so hassle-free to manage, calculate and report your organisation’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

You choose what to include depending on your organisation’s reporting scope.
You can review the status of data collection anytime, anywhere, and send reminders to anyone lagging.

Choose and use emission factors from our up-to-date, localized, and verified environmental data for your calculations. Export all data sources and simplify audit processes.

Communicate results to stakeholders and understand what to prioritize. Analyze results at all levels over time, and with different perimeter settings to facilitate comparison.

Up-to-date local energy emission factors

We update all relevant data annually. You can always access the latest local energy emission factors including Nordic district heating network-specific emissions. The emission database includes all GHG emission sources, not just carbon emissions.

World's largest scope 3 database for the construction industry

You have at hand the world’s largest scope 3 database for the construction industry including material embodied emissions and the whole life cycle. Set your science-based targets and start making reductions where it matters the most.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it suited for all company types?
The tool enables all types of companies to report GHG data.
What emission sources can be reported?
    • You can report emission sources according to ISO 14069, the GHG protocol, and CDP standard categories. These include:
  • Scope 1: Direct emissions from stationary and mobile combustion sources, fugitive emissions, processes and biomass emissions
  • Scope 2: Indirect emissions from electricity, heating and cooling consumption
  • Scope 3: Purchased goods and services, capital goods, waste, business travel and commuting , investments, freight, use and end-of-life of sold products, downstream leasing and franchises
What emissions data is included?
One Click LCA integrates emissions factors for energy (IEA, local energy agencies and providers, and One Click LCA’s own datasets), goods and services (DEFRA, WWF, Base Carbone), extended capital goods from the Carbon Heroes Benchmark Program, and additional datasets.

You can also add your private emission factor data or ask us to add compliant data for your sector if anything is missing.

Not all data sources break down data based on gases, and in such cases, the assessment considers all greenhouse gases. The assessment considers at a minimum all Kyoto Protocol gases (CO2, CH4, N2O, HFCs, PFCs, SF6 and NF3) on a 100-year timeframe.

Can I import past GHG reporting activity data to have it all in One Click LCA?
You can import your historical calculations using our template to store and manage it all in one place.
Can this be added to One Click LCA for Buildings or Products license?
Yes. One Click LCA GHG Reporting is available as an add-on to all One Click LCA licenses, both for named user and floating user licenses.
Is this suitable for consultants?
Yes. Consultants can work on as many client assignments as needed.

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