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Comment effectuer une ACV de produit


3.5 hours

Starting at €720

Niveau: débutant / intermédiaire

Anglais, Français

Autres langues disponibles, mais sous réserve de disponibilité.

Who is this training for?

This course is designed for those with basic knowledge of EPDs or limited experience of product life-cycle assessment, who now wish to take the next step in conducting LCAs for their products (e.g., manufacturers), or on behalf of their clients (consultants).

What you'll learn

✔ The training starts with discussing the important decisions that need to be made at the beginning of your project. You will learn what data is needed and how to collect and standardize it.

✔ You will become familiar with the content of both the background report and EPD document, as well as LCA methodologies.

✔ In addition to raw materials and manufacturing calculations, the course will cover examples of life-cycle scenarios for the use stage and end of life modules.

✔ You will put that theory into practice by using One Click LCA’s software to model a sample product and assess its results.


Content overview

  • Define the key parameters for your project; choosing the product(s), declared unit, LCA scope.
  • Data collection; what is needed for raw materials, manufacturing, energy, waste.
  • Data selection; how to choose the correct data for your project.
  • How to perform life-cycle inventory analysis; check input/output flows for mass balance.
  • EPD documentation; how to report your LCA modelling and interpret its results.
  • Using One Click LCA EPD tools; learning how our software can be used for product LCA and EPD calculations, reports, benchmarking, and more


Cette formation comprend


Formation en ligne de 3h30

La formation peut être dispensée en ligne ou sur place (pour la formation sur place, des frais de déplacement supplémentaires s'appliquent)

Documents téléchargeables

Les supports de formation sont fournis pour l'usage personnel des participants uniquement. Leur distribution ou utilisation ultérieure est interdite.

Accès à la licence de formation au logiciel One Click LCA

Certificats de participation

Disponible sur demande, à un coût supplémentaire

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