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Comment optimiser l'import automatisé des quantités de matériaux à partir de modèles BIM ou BEM


3 hours

Starting at €720

Niveau: Débutant / Intermédiaire / Expert

Anglais, Français

Other languages possible, subject to availability.

Who is this training for?

This course is designed for building specialists: architects, engineers, green building consultants etc

What you'll learn

✔ Learn to optimize and leverage the automation possibilities that One Click LCA offers for uploading data from BIM and BEM models. (Also relevant for helping to master workflow in importing data from Excel.)

Course content can be customized depending on the needs of the user and the stage they are at:

✔ New users can be introduced to best practices and get help on how to optimize the process within their companies.

✔ More experienced users can get feedback on challenges they might have faced and understand how they can make the most out of all available features in order to boost efficiency. 

✔ A review of delivered models can be prepared in advance, if requested upon order.

Content overview

  • Thorough understanding of the automated import process and review of the most updated features.
  • Review of own BIM / BEM models (depth of this part depends on the services selected) or available material bills
  • Review of team’s challenges
  • Review of the most common challenges among One Click LCA users and their solutions
  • Best practices for modelling
  • Suggested workflows and best practices for projects using One Click LCA tools to optimize collaboration and import processes.

Cette formation comprend


3 hours live training


Documents téléchargeables

Training materials are provided in English.
Les supports de formation sont fournis pour l'usage personnel des participants uniquement. Leur distribution ou utilisation ultérieure est interdite.

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