Comment les municipalités peuvent-elles gérer les émissions dans les projets de construction?


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Who is this training for?

Real estate owners (public and private).  This course is designed to help municipalities understand how they can steer embodied carbon emissions in public construction projects where they are the investors, but also in local private projects.

What you'll learn

✔ Become familiar with the best policies for municipalities as outlined in the project delivered by Bionova & Architecture 2030, for the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance: City Policy Framework for Dramatically Reducing Embodied Carbon Project Reducing Embodied Carbon.

✔ Learn the best practices in the field globally, based on real life case studies.

✔ Understand how One Click LCA tools can help them easily work with sustainability and easily push their sustainability agenda.

Content overview

  • Introduction to embodied carbon and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).
  • Why is embodied carbon in construction projects becoming more important and more regulated?
  • Review of background ISO and EN standards, and current status of related national regulations and local requirements for construction projects.
  • Presentation of results from the City Policy Framework for Dramatically Reducing Embodied Carbon Project Reducing Embodied Carbon study and review of best policies.
  • Presentation of selected best practices based on pioneering real life case studies.
  • Presentation of how One Click LCA tools can support professionals that work on municipality projects to approach and work easily with embodied carbon.
  • Review of partnership opportunities offered by Bionova, developers of One Click LCA.

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