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Life-Cycle Assessment for Infrastructure and water footprint

CEEQUAL compliant software

Measure water footprint and infrastructure Life-Cycle Assessment


Tailored infrastructure LCA and water footprint applications are now available as part of One Click LCA the leading easy to use LCA software for construction works. This complements the platform’s extensive construction sector offering and solidifies it’s position as the easy one stop solution for all construction-related life-cycle performance assessment needs.

The infrastructure LCA and water footprint tools are suitable for assessing environmental performance for various types of infrastructure projects, ranging from roads and motorways, bridges and canals to airports, transmission systems, flood alleviation schemes, park & ride schemes, waste and wastewater treatment works, pipelines and power grids, train stations, marine works, pumping stations, reservoirs, and several other types of infrastructure proejcts. It can be used as stand-alone solution, or in conjunction with building projects LCA applications.

Manufacturer specific product EPDs for products used in a project can be easily calculated by plugging in the suppliers in the LCA process, and compliancy with certification requirements (e.g. Trafikverket’s TDOK 2015:0007) can be achieved by using a third party verification option available via the service.

The infrastructure LCA and water footprint (embodied water) tools can be used also to gain credits in CEEQUAL assessment according to the 4.x / 5.x schemes, both UK and Ireland and the International versions. The LCA is compliant with ISO 14040/14044 and is delivered as a cloud service with a comprehensive, high quality database.

Data for the LCA can be easily parsed from LandXML or IFC compliant files or structured listings by using the powerful One Click LCA capability. Life-Cycle Assessment is a powerful environmental design tool and One Click des standards  is the fast and easy building des standards software for LEED, BREEAM, DGNB & 20 other systems.

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