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How to buy One Click LCA

Guide for the One Click LCA online store

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How to buy One Click LCA


Create user account


Create or join an organization

✓ Provide VAT (for EU only)

Open online store


Choose products and pay

Login with your user account

La One Click des standards online store has both public and country-specific products. You will be able to purchase them all with your credit card or by requesting an invoice.

To access the full catalog you will need to register your user account on One Click des standards. Continue to Step 2 for this.

If you want, you can also purchase the products without logging in. Continue to Step 4 for this. (Note: if you are asked to log in because you already have an account, you can choose to log in, or open a new browser in Incognito mode to purchase anonymously).

After registering with your business email, you will receive an email with the activation link. Click it to activate your account and login on One Click des standards.

If you need additional guidance with these steps please refer to our Starter kit.

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Create your organization account

To access the complete catalog and purchase products you will need to create an organization account. This will allow you to access and purchase products from the private catalog, and to manage licenses and users at the organization’s level.

If you are notified that an organization with the same name already exists, somebody else in your company has already created the organization account, and they will need to add you to it. If you are unsure who is the person in your organization that has created the organization account, you can contact support@oneclicklca.com.


You will need to input your company’s VAT number only if the company is located in a country that is part of the European Union. Countries that are not part of the European Union countries (including Switzerland and Norway) do not need to add their VAT number.

If you don’t know your company’s VAT number please contact your accounting department.

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Access the online store

Once your organization account has been verified you will be notified by email and you will be able to access the full catalog by clicking “View and buy products” under your user account.

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Add products to cart

After accessing the online catalog, you will be able to see all the products and purchase the ones you are interested in. From the catalog page you can easily navigate to the country catalog you are interested in via the top panel with filters. Simply click on one of the buttons to see the products only from that regional catalog.

Select your product, add it to cart by clicking “Add to cart” button, and proceed to checkout. If you don’t log in, some products will be available only via “request a quote” button.

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Proceed to checkout

If you have a discount, enter your coupon code by clicking “Click here to enter your code” button. Then fill in the required details and click the acceptance to terms and conditions field.

You can pay via credit card (processed via Stripe) and you should get a confirmation notice of your purchase. If you don’t receive a confirmation notice, please get in touch with your contact person.

You can also request your invoice. It will be automatically generated. You can then forward the invoice to your accounting department.

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Any questions?

Talk to our experts on Livechat or ici. You will find their personal email and phone numbers, and they will be happy to answer your questions in English, Finnish, Swedish, French, German, Spanish, Greek, Norwegian, and Italian.

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