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RICS Whole Life Carbon Assessment — 2nd Edition

How to align with RICS Whole Life Carbon Assessment 2nd Edition? One Click LCA is here to help.


As of July 1, 2024, the RICS whole life carbon assessment 2nd edition comes into effect, having been extended to cover all buildings and infrastructure throughout the built environment life cycle. The new RICS WLCA PS 2nd edition standard will provide continuity and reliability while encouraging long-term thinking through reuse, recycling, and redevelopment.

How will One Click LCA support RICS whole life carbon assessment 2nd edition?

As a London Plan Guidance-approved tool for nationally recognized assessment methodologies, One Click LCA is working on product developments to enable you to meet all of the requirements that come with the introduction of the RICS WLCA PS 2nd edition. This will include:


  • Default scenarios according to RICS, for life cycle stages A5, B2, B3, and end-of-life.
  • Enabling non-decarbonized and decarbonized results together.
  • Contingency factors available, based on user inputs and data generated.
  • Automated report generation to align with the new standard.
  • Department for Energy, Security & Net Zero data for different means of worker transportation, and materials transportation with return trips embedded.
  • Pre-construction inputs, including demolition of the existing building.
  • Integration with upcoming BECD (Built Environment Carbon Database) material data according to RICS definitions for the baseline building.

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