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One Click LCA and the International EPD System announce new partnership to deliver third-party verified EPDs

One Click LCA, the world’s leading Life-Cycle Assessment and Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) software for the construction sector, announces a new partnership with The International EPD System, the leading global EPD program that allows creating EPDs easier, faster and at a lower cost.

30 March 2021 – Helsinki, Finland / Stockholm, Sweden.  One Click LCA, the world’s leading life-cycle assessment and costing software for construction, and The International EPD System, the leading global EPD program operator, today announce a partnership to accelerate the creation of affordable, third-party verified EPDs for global construction products. This partnership allows One Click LCA users to create and publish EPDs in The International EPD System.

 One Click LCA allows manufacturers and consultants to create EPDs using a streamlined, pre-verified process. The software comes with extensive support, and complies with EN 15804+A2, ISO 21930 and ISO 14025, as well as national extensions for the U.S., France, Netherlands and Norway. Created EPDs can be used directly in One Click LCA BIM tools.

“The International EPD System is our partner of choice for generating EPDs at scale. Their expertise, and the recognition and credibility of their EPD verification system provide manufacturers with the confidence they need to invest in EPDs,” said Panu Pasanen, CEO of One Click LCA.

The International EPD System is the world’s first EPD programme operating a global partner network. As inventors of the EPD and PCR (Product Category Rules), the programme offers hyper-transparency when publishing their environmental performance data for all product categories in an EPD. The resulting credible, third-party verified and comparable data is highly valued by the market.

“Partnering with One Click LCA is of strategic importance to our ‘access to all’ strategy, which aims to empower organisations, no matter their size, location and industry to publish and use EPDs in a sensible, simple and affordable way,” said Sebastiaan Stiller, CEO of EPD International AB.

 There has been a warm reception to this partnership from the construction product industry. 

Björn Åstedt, the managing director of the Swedish Institute of Steel Construction, commented:

“We chose to work with One Click LCA to achieve high quality, credible EPDs for our members at a lower cost. This cooperation with the International EPD System, as the most experienced EPD program operator, is a welcomed step in increasing confidence and recognition for EPDs.”  

While Matthew Butcher, Sustainability Executive for MPA British Precast, which represents UK’s precast concrete industry, said:

“This cooperation with The International EPD System further incentivizes our members to create EPDs. It is complementary to One Click LCA’s ability to deliver mix- and tender-specific LCA data directly to building designers and contractors for their building LCAs.”

EPDs created with the pre-verified One Click LCA software are quicker and cheaper to create, without compromising on quality. The software is undergoing a rigorous verification, where its LCA models, calculations and data are independently assessed and validated.

 Manufacturers can start creating EPDs with les solutions du Générateur d'DEP de One Click LCA for publishing in the International EPD System from today, and completed EPDs can be published there from June 2021.

 A single point of contact from One Click LCA helps new users with training, support and managing EPD third-party verification and publishing through the whole process. Every EPD published with the software is verified by a third-party and comes with a verification statement.

Sign up for a free webinar

One Click LCA and the International EPD System are organising two free webinars to explain the benefits of the partnership and how manufacturers can make use of it.

  • APAC & Europe: May 12th 14-15 pm SGT | 8-9 am CET
  • North America & Europe: May 19th 10-11 am EDT | 16-17 pm CET

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For more information contact:

Panu Pasanen, CEO, One Click LCA Ltd, panu.pasanen@oneclicklca.com, +358 44 2871 722

Sebastiaan Stiller, CEO, EPD International AB, sebastiaan.stiller@environdec.com, +46738798551

À propos de One Click LCA

One Click LCA Ltd (formerly known as Bionova Ltd) is the developer of the world’s leading construction LCA and EPD software One Click LCA. One Click LCA Pre-Verified EPD Generator is a streamlined, automated software that simplifies the EPD process. It integrates all global EPDs and the Ecoinvent database.  One Click LCA platform is used in over 100 countries and it serves manufactures, consultants, designers, contractors, and investors to decarbonize the construction value chain.  www.oneclicklca.com/fr/.

About EPD International AB

EPD International AB is the owner of The International EPD System, the world’s first and leading global EPD programme. The programme operates in accordance with the ISO 14025, TS/14027, 14040 and other standards; for the building and construction sector also with the ISO 21930, EN 15804 and other EN standards. The International EPD System is increasing efficiency for manufacturers with its EPD Portal as well as automation brought about by software such as One Click LCA.  For more information, please visit www.environdec.com.


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