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Finland leading the way to cut buildings and construction carbon emissions with a free low carbon design tool

A new, free software tool provides investors, developers and designers an easy way to compare carbon impacts of building design options in early design, when plans can still be easily adjusted. The new software supports future regulatory introduction, is fully aligned with the Finnish building code and answers the WorldGBC’s call for action to reduce whole-life carbon impacts of built environment.


23 September 2019 – Helsinki, Finland – One Click LCA Ltd (précédemment Bionova Ltd), the developer of One Click LCA construction carbon software, and Finnish Association of Construction Product Industries RTT’s group of thermal insulation manufacturers launch a free whole life-cycle carbon calculator for construction. The tool addresses both embodied carbon, or life-cycle impacts of materials and construction, as well as operational carbon, or carbon impacts of energy use during use, to give a holistic life cycle picture.

The tool complies with Finnish Ministry of Environment’s whole life carbon assessment of buildings method, which is applied in the upcoming building carbon regulations, and European standards.  The tool is developed using the innovative Le Carbon Designer tool supporting very early design decisions.

The calculator can be used to measure, shape and improve projects, set carbon targets and support zoning decisions and public procurement. The tool has built-in scenarios for comparing regulatory energy performance and enhanced energy performance of building envelope, and associated life-cycle emissions. It includes a full-fledged library of constructions meeting Finnish construction regulations, allowing architects and designers to compare embodied carbon of their choices.

The calculator is made particularly easy to use. The free carbon calculator can be used together with the energy performance calculation tool from the thermal insulation industry, or as a stand-alone solution. The tool is developed for Finnish apartment buildings as well as single family homes. It only requires user to choose the type and size of the project they undertake as the minimum information.

“We’re delighted to launch this tool to make low carbon design easier and more accessible”, says Panu Pasanen, CEO of One Click LCA Ltd. “We are also looking forward to spreading this innovation in more cities and countries, and are looking for local partners to make this happen”, he continues.

“Our goal is to provide this easy to use life-cycle carbon calculator tool for residential projects in the schematic design phase, when the decisions with the most significant impacts are made”, says Ari Ilomäki, who is the chairman of CEN T/C 350 Sustainability of Construction works as well as the product group manager of the Finnish Construction product industry RTT’s insulation industry.

The free embodied carbon and life-cycle carbon calculator is provided for Finnish residential buildings. All other projects, or those in late design can use the commercial version of One Click LCA to reduce carbon. The free tool is going to be released in October 2019 at www.C-lukulaskuri.fi.


Screenshot of carbon comparisons

Video of Carbon Designer

Contact Information for media:

One Click LCA Ltd : Panu Pasanen, CEO, panu.pasanen@oneclicklca.com, +358 44 2871 722

RTT’s thermal insulation group: Ari Ilomäki, ari.ilomaki@rakennusteollisuus.fi, +358 50 597 8379


One Click LCA Ltd (précédemment Bionova Ltd) is the developer of the world leading construction carbon and Life Cycle Assessment software One Click LCA, which is used in 60+ countries. One Click LCA supports 40 national or commercial standards and is available in 9 languages, and can be used in all stages of a project from early design to completed projects for carbon, cost and circularity. More at www.oneclicklca.com/fr/.

Finnish Association of Construction Product Industries RTT’s group of thermal insulation manufacturers represents industry who produces thermal insulation materials in Finland to reduce life cycle carbon from buildings. More at www.eristeteollisuus.fi.

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